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Proceedings of CHQ Office bearers' meet at Chennai


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General  Secretary replies: The General Secretary, TESA replied GS, AIBSNLEA, State Secretary, TESA, West Bengal, Circle Secretary, TESA, Rajasthan and Financial Secretary, AIBSNLEA. To view these replies, click as follows:
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EXTRA ORDINARY GENERAL BODY MEETING/CONFERENCE OF TESA(I):- Ever since we initiated action to convene the above, as desired by some comrades, controversies are being raised on different matters. We have already made the position clear on these matters. These issues can be better sorted out only in the all India Meet. In our last circular letter dated 30.06.2008  (vide para 9), we had asked the Circles to send the past quota payable, if any, to CHQ. We also asked for the audited accounts and details of the assets available with them. We, however, did not ask them to transfer the money or the assets to CHQ. This can wait. Any how overall response from the Circles are not encouraging. Though the lukewarm response of the Circles is not a welcome situation, we cannot delay convening the above. While we again advise the Circles to expedite submission of audited accounts and the details of assets available with them, we also request them to indicate the estimated number of participants in the meeting. This will enable us to make proper arrangement for their comfortable stay and participation. Under no circumstances, the meeting can be delayed.

13.07.2009: With profound sorrow we record the demise of COM.M.KUPPAN Veteran Leader in CHENNAI on 06-07-2009. As a Champion of Oppressed and Downtrodden, COM.M.KUPPAN was equally vociferous in protecting the interests of neglected lot in the entire Humanity. His LEGAL BATTLE for the cause of promoted DEs is the most shining example. It is noteworthy to mention that earlier similar legal cases were withdrawn due to Administrative pressures/offers. Unmindful of the threats from Administration, he successfully fought the case and paved the way for rightful promotions of SDEs upto the level of SAG. His contributions to the JOINT STRUGGLE of JTOs and SDEs/DEs will always be thankfully remembered by us. As VICE PRESIDENT of TESA CHQ, COM.M.KUPPAN was our guiding force in shaping the Destiny of Promoted cadres. We offer our HEARTFELT Condolences to his family members. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

12.02.2009: HOLDING OF EXTRA ORDINARY GENERAL BODY MEETING:  Another circular letter dated 11.02.2009 issued again requesting the Circle Secretaries to send information regarding number of likely participants keeping in view of the provision of the constitution of the Association, audited accounts and details of assets. [Click here to view the circular letter………]

20.01.2009: HOLDING OF EXTRA ORDINARY GB MEETING: All concerned Circle Secretaries are requested to refer our last circular letter in which the details of assets, year wise audited accounts after their last Circle conference up to 31.12.2008 were requested to be sent. Further, the number of estimated participants in the proposed Meeting was also requested to be intimated so that booking of hall, accommodation could be undertaken. All circles are requested to expedite these to ensure that the proposed Meeting is not delayed further. 


17.12.2008: CHQ Office Bearers’ Meeting : The meeting of the CHQ Office Bearers of TESA(I) was held as scheduled on 12.12.2008 in TESA Bhavan at Noida under the chairmanship of Shri K Balasubramanian, President. It was decided that an extra ordinary General Body Meeting of TESA(I) will be held to discuss the “Need to dissolve the Association as laid down under the clause 12 of the constitution of TESA(I)”.   The venue of the meeting will be Chennai as was decided earlier by the GS. The meeting has been proposed to be held in February 2009.  The number of participants will be restricted and constitutional provisions have to be followed. GS will be visiting Chennai in the last week of December 2008 and meet the various Committee members of the Organizing Committee which were already formed to discuss arrangement to be made for successful conduct of the meeting. A circular will shortly follow.

25-11-2008: The CHQ Office-bearers' meeting of TESA (I) will be held under the Presidentship of Com.K.Balasubramanian, CHQ President on 12-12-2008 at New Delhi.

14.10.2008:  Unsuccessful attempt to hack TESA Website:   The website provider “Tripod”, providing free space in its server for TESA CHQ website, has notified us of repeated attempts made on 30.07.2008 between 13.54 and 14.07 Hrs to hack our web site by trying different passwords to access our 'file manager' in its server.  It is significant to note that we had published in our site on the earlier day i.e. 29.7.2008, a write up with the title:  'COVER UP STORIES TO HIDE THE MISDEEDS'  giving some more details about the attempt to forcible occupation of TESA Bhawan and incidentally the attempt to hack the website has been made the very next day. 

The attempt for illegal access to our site appears to be the handiwork of some one on the behest of his mentors who were not able to digest the truth in the above information. But they should not know that truth always prevails and attempts to suppress the fact can never succeed. The text of the message received from Tripod Customer Service is reproduced below (after masking our e mail address and the password recorded with the service provider ) for the information of our members. This is the first of the six similar messages received from Tripod Customer Service on 30 July 2008 between 1354 and 1407 hrs:- 


Tripod Customer Service (


You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe


30 July 2008 13:54PM



Greetings from Tripod!
Recently, a request was made for the password
to the account with the username chqtesa.
To maintain the security of this account, we are
sending your password to the notification email address 
xxxxxxxxxxx  registered with us.

Your password is: xxxxxxxxxxx

29.09.2008: Extra Ordinary General Body meeting:  Various committees in connection with holding of Extra Ordinary General Body meeting have been constituted. For details of the Committees please click here .......

25.08.2008: General Secretary replies to Shri G R Sharma, Financial Secretary, AIBSNLEA
[Click here for the letter......]

18.08.2008: General Secretary issues another circular letter dated 16.08.2008 which deals with latest developments on organizational matters. Read the circular.......

11.08.2008: General Secretary replies to Com Prahlad Rai, CS, TESA(I), Rajasthan. The GS has come out with some hard facts in the background of baseless allegations levelled against him. His letter exposes those who themselves violate the constitution but raise false alarm on this. Read the complete letter ........  

09.08.2008: General Secretary, TESA(I) replies to Com Amit : Com Amit Gupta, State Secretary, TESA(I) had e-mailed a letter to TESA(I) which as usual is appearing in website of AIBSNLEA. The said letter is more about personal slurs than about facts. General Secretary, TESA(I) now sends a reply. The reply will clear doubts on certain issues being raised by a few others also. Read the letter ..........   


        After the news of attempted unauthorized entry in TESA Bhavan at Noida and its forcible occupation by AIBSNLEA, as per a plan drawn before their stated CHQ Office bearers and Circle Secretaries meet in New Delhi on 12th and 13th July 2008, was reported in this website, lots of explanation and accusations are being made to cover up the misdeed. It is now being made out as if the decision to visit TESA Bhavan was a spontaneous one in a meeting of the TESA members some of whom are currently the Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries of AIBSNLEA and TEAM (MTNL Delhi/Mumbai). They met at 13.00 hours and visited TESA Bhavan at 15.00 hours [As reported in AIBSNLEA website on 15.7.2008]. Exactly within the available two hours time period, they could discuss all about TESA affairs in the said meeting, took lunch and reached TESA Bhavan at Noida covering a distance of about 25 Kilometers. Even before going for lunch, announcement is made that vehicles have been arranged for their travel to Noida by the Circle Secretary, Delhi Circle of AIBSNLEA (who was not a TESA member) and the participants can avail this facility to reach Noida after finishing their lunch. The website further report that after reaching Noida, they found the main gate of TESA Bhavan locked with an iron chain … etc etc  

         The matter is not as simple as is being tried to be made out by the AIBSNLEA leadership. The so called decision to visit TESA Bhavan in the meeting of old TESA functionaries was a part of a plan designed well in advance by the AIBSNLEA office bearers in New Delhi. That is why no problem due to paucity of time came in their way to arrange for a fleet of vehicles for their journey and taking photographs of their so called visit. But what they did not obviously report was about their decision taken a couple of days before this Meet to enter inside the building, give an impression of having conducted meeting there and thereafter occupy the building with their own men and put their own lock. Yes, they could not enter the building and execute their other plan, since the main gate was locked with one chain with lock besides the other lock in the gate which they had broken in their utter disgust and frustration. It is their ill luck that despite their best efforts to keep their plan a closely guarded secret one and even avoiding their Headquarter Circle Secretary from participating in their inner meetings suspecting him  to be the potential source of leaking out their strategies, the plan did not remain entirely a secret one. The General Secretary, TESA(I) being the legal custodian of the property had naturally to take the precautionary measures to foil their attempt to forcibly take occupation of TESA Bhavan. Some say that out of curiosity they wanted to visit TESA Bhavan. That is fine ! But what prevented them from contacting the General Secretary, TESA(I) who was very much at his residence in Delhi  and express their desire ?  The General Secretary, TESA(I) himself could have been waiting there for them to extend a warm welcome. It is another matter that all the visitors in that group were not the first time visitors to TESA Bhavan to be interested only in having a glimpse of the Building. Many of them had earlier attended meetings there and even spent days and nights for organizational work. They know very well that the so called `washer man’ is there to look   after the building for over a decade against a very small amount – thus saving several lakhs of rupees for the Association. However, it may be a big and sensational issue for those who now want to illegally grab the assets of TESA(I). We, however, sympathize  with those who were unaware of the secret plan taken by a selective few and not divulged to them – lest they object to this and decline to join their trip.

          The Website further reports that “The other General Secretaries/Presidents expressed their inability in attending the meeting but GS TESA (I) did not response to our invitation.”  This is yet another great joke. They hand over a letter to the Post Office at 12:27 hours of 10th July 2008 which is delivered to the General Secretary, TESA(I) at his residence after 18.30 hours on 12th July 2008 i.e. well after their meeting was over. This was a calculated move so that the said letter reaches GS TESA(I) after their meeting was over. The envelope carrying their letter bearing the clear postal marks was even shown to their two AGSs on 14th July 2008 in Corporate Office. Had they been really interested in the response from the GS TESA(I), why they could not contact him over phone well in advance or use even e-mail which they frequently use for other communication of their interest ? After al,l preparation for the meeting was going on for  more than a month. This is not the first time that GS TESA(I) has been subjected to humiliation in the name of invitation, similar incident also happened before the Bhubaneswar CWC Meet of AIBSNLEA. Thus their false propaganda does not amuse the GS TESA(I) any longer.


     July 12, 2008 will ever be remembered as the Blackest Day in the history of trade unionism in telecom. Some  CHQ Office bearers and  Circle Secretaries  of AIBSNLEA who had assembled here in New Delhi on the pretext of holding their Circle Secretaries’ meeting to discuss burning problems like Executive promotion policy, disinvestment etc  stormed TESA Bhawan at Noida  in the afternoon of this day to unauthorizedly enter the building and forcibly occupy the same.  They went there in 5/6 vehicles and were accompanied by the members of `TEAM’ , an association of Executives in MTNL. They even broke open one of the locks in the main gate to enter the building, raised slogans and used unparliamentary words against the General Secretary, TESA(I). When the neighbors came out and advised them not to make noise and disturb the peace of that residential area, they retorted saying that it was their trade union right to shout slogans and they continued their hooliganism.   It was only when the neighbors told them they would call Police if they enter the building by breaking the second lock, they relented. Thereafter also they continued to create the ruckus and left after some time threatening that they would come back again. It may be recalled that for the last two and half years AIBSNLEA is using all coercing methods to grab TESA Bhawan and other assets of TESA(I). They are not ready to wait till members of TESA(I) decide about their Association. Earlier in the day, they had discussion only on TESA(I) affair in which leaders from AIBSNLEA and TEAM prominently participated. AIBSNLEA has now shown its ugliest face and made the Executives to bow down their heads in shame.    

12.07.2008: General Secretary replies : Three Circle Secretaies of TESA(I), one of whom, has called himself as "erstwhile Circle Secretary" had sent e-mails to GS about holding of the Conference of TESA(I) in Chennai and asking to shift the venue elsewhere following a direction by the AIBSNLEA. Full text of their e-mails were made available in AIBSNLEA websites.Now General Secretary, TESA(I) has replied them. To read the reply by GS, TESA(I), please click here 

02.07.2008: General Secretary issues a  Circular briefly narrating the developments concerning TESA(I). Strongly objects against misuse  of AIBSNLEA platform to create division in TESA(I) and interfere in its internal affair and also targeting it alone for all wrong reasons. Clears the constitutional validity of the AIBSNLEA sponsored joint letter requesting to convene an extra-ordinary General Body meeting of TESA(I) to discuss the need to dissolve the Association. Replies GS, AIBSNLEA and addresses BSNL stating in clear terms that  TESA(I) is not merged with AIBSNLEA.  Proposes to hold extra-Ordinary General Body meeting/Conference of TESA(I) and asks the Circles/Branches to take certain actions to enable to issue the Notice.  Click Here for CHQ Circular.

01.07.2008: GS writes to Director (HRD), BSNL requesting 'Corrective Action to remove the confusion created consequent to issue of BSNL Letter No.BSNL/31/SR/2002 dated 29.04.2004 in regard to status of Telecommunication Engineering Services Association (India) after formation All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Executives’ Association.' Click Here for the letter

29.06.2008: GS writes to Shri.Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA on 'Convening of Extra-ordinary General Body meeting.' Click Here for the letter

FLASH (14.06.2008): GENERAL SECRETARY TO VISIT CHENNAI:   General Secretary will be in Chennai during the last week of June 2008 in connection with the formation of Reception Committee for holding Conference. TESA(I), Chennai Telephones and Tamilnadu Circle will jointly host the Conference.



NEWS FLASH (20.05.2008)

PUBLIC SERVANT MUST BE TOLD OF ALL CR ENTRIES: All entries, “good” or “bad”, made by a superior in the annual confidential report (ACR) of a government employee must be communicated to him or her, the Supreme Court has held last week. The Bench of Justice H. K. Sema and Justice Markandey Katju rejected the Centre’s contention that only an adverse entry had to be made known. Writing the judgment, Justice Katju said non-communication of an entry “is arbitrary” because it deprived the employee of an opportunity of making a representation and praying for its upgrade. “Moreover, the object of writing the confidential report and making entries in them is to give an opportunity to a public servant to improve his performance.” “Fairness and transparency in public administration require that all entries (whether poor, fair, average, good or very good) in the ACR of a public servant, whether in civil, judicial, police or other service (except the military) must be communicated to him [or her] within a reasonable period so that he [or she] can make a representation for its upgradation,” the Bench said. This would apply to an employee under the State or its instrumentality. “If we hold that only a ‘poor’ entry is to be communicated, the consequences may be that persons getting ‘fair’, ‘average’ or ‘good’ entries will not be able to make a representation for their upgrade and this may subsequently adversely affect their chances of promotion (or get some other benefit),” the Bench said. It held that if the September 10, 1987, Office Memorandum was interpreted to mean that only adverse entries (i.e., ‘poor’) needed to be communicated it would become arbitrary and illegal. The Court made it clear that even an ‘outstanding’ entry should be communicated since that would boost the morale of the employee and make him/her work harder.

NEWS FLASH (20.04.2008)

Another revision of Seniority Lists of SDEs Telecom :  Seniority Lists of he SDEs Telecom integrating  the selection/seniority (2/3rd) quota and competitive (1/3rd) quota may need another revision following a common judgment passed by Hon’ble Justice P K Misra and Hon’ble Justice K Chandru on 2nd April 2008. The judgment up held an Order earlier passed by CAT, Chennai which contended that inter-se-seniority in the ratio of 2:1 between the 2/3rd quota and 1/3rd quota of SDEs Telecom under Rule 2(iii) be fixed only with reference to dates of regular appointments otherwise it will lead to a position of giving the competitive quota candidates appointment retrospectively even prior to their satisfying the eligibility condition.  The CAT also took the view that seniority rule 2(iii) can operate fairly and reasonably without infringing Article 14 and 16 in the case of appointments under 66-2/3rd and 33-1/3rd quota made more or less at the same time or within a gap of few days or at least in the same year.  [ For  Madras High Court Order Click here….]      

NEWS FLASH (04.04.2008)

(1) DPC for promotion from SDE Telecom to DE Telecom on ad hoc basis:  The final order for promotion order may contain about 1100 names of eligible SDEs. Iin respect of large number of cases, Vigilance clearance from the Circles have not been received.  It is expected that the promotion order will be issued  any time between 15th to 30th April 2008.
(2) Merger of 50% IDA  with basic pay for BSNL Employees:   The proposal for merger of 50% of IDA with the basic pay for the BSNL Employees is  under consideration of the Department of Telecommunications. The proposal sent by BSNL is only regarding the employees in service on 1.1.2007.  In respect of BSNL pensioners case is under process separately in BSNL Corporate Office.

NEWS FLASH (26.03.2008)

SIXTH CPC RECOMMENDATION ON ITS ABSORPTION: Sixth Central Pay Commission has made a very significant recommendation that 'Continuous necessity of retaining Indian Telecom Service (Group A) does not therefore exist. All the existing officers in this service should be either absorbed in BSNL/MTNL or else sent to the surplus pool.'  Inspite of the fact that the deadline for ITS Group A officers to be absorbed in BSNL/MTNL ended on 30.9.2005, the ITS officers continue to resist moves for their absorption.  It appears that DoT is backing them.  In these circumstances, the recommendation of the 6h CPC vindicates our stand and raises hopes of early resolution of the issue. Read More...

NEWS FLASH (25.03.2008)

SIXTH CPC FOR CENTRAL GOVT EMPLOYEES SUBMITS ITS  RECOMMENDATIONS :  VI CPC has since submitted its recommendations to the Government of India on 24.03.2008 on pay scales, allowances and other related issues.  The Commission has completed its assigned task within the time period for which it was constituted.  Some of the important recommendations are :- Read More.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 21.3.2008)

Com.S.Basu, General Secretary, TESA (I) has been interviewed by ETV. The interview is being telecast tonight at 11.00 PM.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 15.3.2008)

COURT CASE ON GROUP A ABSORPTION: The case came up for hearing in High Court of Delhi on 13-3-08. Addl. Solicitor General who appeared on behalf of DOT sought for adjournment stating that cabinet note based on some discussions with ITS officers' Association and DOT is being prepared and needed time.  After seeking some clarifications, the Court has adjourned the case to 31-7-08.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 4.3.2008)

DISINVESTMENT IN BSNL: It  is but natural that the employees of BSNL would be  quite anxious on the possibility of disinvestment of BSNL's stake.  For the last several months, it is observed that the BSNL  Management itself is publicly advocating for disinvestment and even making a strong  move for sale of 10% stake of BSNL. It is  ironical  that the  same  BSNL Management once disagreed with  the Government's advice for disinvestment of BSNL's stake. A couple of years back, a  secret note carrying a decision of the Government for  disinvestment was received through DoT. But at that point of time  the Management  could find strong points against the move, but  today the  position  is  quite different. As said by  the  Minister  of Communications & IT, there was no direction from the Ministry but the BSNL Management makes the move for disinvestment.Unions/Associations  have now been told that for the  present there is no decision for disinvestment. But the Ministry  continues  to  examine the proposal moved by BSNL. It  is  not  yet dropped.  On  the other hand, the Economic Survey  Report  placed before the Parliament just on the eve of submission of the Budget proposals for 2008-09 has made a strong case for disinvestment of atleast  5-10% of the stake of even profit making PSUs. Even  in the  current  Budget, target to raise money by sale of  stake  of PSUs  have been increased manifold. These developments  certainly signal towards imminent danger.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 16.2.2008)

Group A absorption :  The cases filed by a few ITS Group A Officers on absorption  of Group A Officers of DoT in BSNL came up for hearing in Delhi High Court on 7.2.2008. It was submitted by the Petitioners in the Court that some decisions  have taken place in a meeting with DoT and approval of Cabinet for these issues are being sought for.  The Court has fixed 13.3.2008 as the next date for hearing.  It appears that the DoT has conceded to the further demands of ITS Association and agreed to offer more concessions  in the terms and conditions for absorption of Group A Officers. Now Cabinet approval  is being sought for these proposed concessions.  Delay in settlement of the Petitions and  absence of pressure on DoT to repatriate the non-optees back to DoT  has been fully utilsed to their best advantage by those who were not willing to get absorbed and yet enjoy all the benefits  like promotion, financial gains etc in BSNL.

IMPACT OF AMENDMENT IN RULE 37 A FOR PRO-RATA PENSION  FOR BSNL OPTEES: Government has ordered amendment effective from 1.10.2000 to Rule 37A allowing pro-rata pension to all absorbed Govt Employees in the PSUs . DoT orders endorsing this however mentions its application only for the ITS Officers.  Several  queries were being  received on the implication of the new orders on pro-rata pension.  Com S Ratnasubramian has answered this in his Article. Click Here for the Article and the calculation sheet.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 6.2.2008)

DPC FOR PROMOTION FROM TES GROUP B TO STS: BSNL has initiated the process of holding of DPC for promotion from TES Group B to STS of ITS Group A on adhoc basis, consequent upon DOT giving its approval for operating Seniority lists 4 & 5. TES Group B officers from Seniority No.9043.0 to 12204.2 are to be considered for the promotion.
PREPARATION OF ELIGIBILITY LIST FOR PROMOTION FROM JTO TO TES GROUP B: BSNL also has initiated the process of promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) by calling for details from Circles for preparation of Eligibility List from among Y.O.R 1993 and 1994  JTOs (OC & SC) and upto Y.O.R 2002 in respect of  JTOs of ST category (including left out).

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 30.1.2008)

MERGER OF 50% IDA FOR PSU EMPLOYEES:  The Union Cabinet has in its meeting today approved merger of 50% IDA for PSU employees w.e.f. 1.1.2007. Click Here for Cabinet decision.  This is applicable for profit earning PSUs only which are ready to bear additional expenditure on this count.  BSNL had long back conveyed its willingness to bear additional expenditure.  IDA for PSU employees crossed 50% in January 2005 (51.4% w.e.f 1.1.2005) and hence it was being expected and in fact was being advocated that IDA merger is on cards w.e.f. 1.1.2005. But the cabinet has approved the merger only from 1.1.2007, sending a wave of disappointment amidst the PSU employees.  There is nothing to celebrate, or to gain, since PSU wage revision is already due from 1.1.2007, when the IDA was 68.8% and the wage review itself would have ensured merger of the 68.8% IDA with pay w.e.f. 1.1.2007. Any arrears now payable would be offset against the arrears of pay revision as and when announced. The arrears of IDA merger for the period from 1.1.2007 can only be considered an Interim Relief and nothing more.  On the other hand the Government move might have been aimed at further postponing settlement of wage review for PSUs.

FLASH ( updated at 1500 Hrs on 30.1.2008)


NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 27.1.2008)

BSNL MARKET SHARE FURTHER DIPS: BSNL Market Share in Cellular services has come down further at the end of Year 2007. Although it tops in the market share of basic services, basic market share is also diminishing. Read More...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 23.1.2008)

INCREASE OF IDA FROM 1.1.2008: Orders have been issued for increase in IDA from 76% to 78.6% w.e.f. 1.1.2008. For orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 22.1.2008)

BSNL IPO - FLIP FLOP: M0C Shri.A.Raja retraced his steps on 18.1.08 saying BSNL has no plans to come up with IPO in the immediate future. As if refuting his statement BSNL CMD Shri.Goel has stated on 20.1.08 that BSNL has to take IPO route for fund expansion. Read More...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 15.1.2008)

BSNL READY FOR DISINVESTMENT: Confirming media reports in the last week of November, Minister of Communications Shri.A.Raja has announced, during a function arranged for providing insurance cover for 33.7 million BSNL customers, that BSNL will be disinvested through IPO of FORTY THOUSAND CRORE RUPEES to the extent of 10% initially on the plea of expansion. For full story...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 4.1.2008)

CLARIFICATION ON MANDATORY TRAINING ON TIME BOUND UPGRADATION: BSNL has clarified that executives who opted for retention of upgradation they got prior to 1.10.2004 are exempted from two weeks mandatory training. For orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 1.1.2008)

PAYMENT OF PRODUCTIVITY LINKED BONUS TO NON-ABSORBED EMPLOYEES: BSNL has issued orders for grant of PLI to those employees (?) who have not yet been absorbed in BSNL and are on deemed deputation to BSNL, at the same rates (1.1 times of basic pay) subject to a minimum of Rs.10000/-.  For orders...

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