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NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 29.12.2007)

PROMOTION OF JAG OFFICERS TO SAG: Information had been given in this site on 31.8.07, that DOT was on the process of giving promotion to a group of JAG level ITS officers to SAG level posts in BSNL.  A question also had been raised as how DOT is allowed to give promotion to a section of the people in BSNL when promotion to others are being denied in the name of non-framing of RRs. Now DOT has issued orders promoting 88 JAG officers of ITS Group A to SAG.  This is the second instance wherein officers not absorbed in BSNL have been offered promotion to BSNL posts.  ITS Group A officers are being offered bonanza after bonanza, while even the normal promotion to the extent justified is being denied to the BSNL absorbed officers. For orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 26.12.2007)

DIVERSION OF JTO VACANCIES: As per the decision taken in the Board of Directors of BSNL meeting held on 30th March 2001, 500 posts of Direct Recruitment Quota of JTOs were to be diverted every year to 35% Department Quota.  Diversion of these posts for the years 2006 and 2007 were unduly delayed.  Finally orders have been issued for diversion of these posts for the years 2006 and 2007. For orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 20.12.2007)

(1) NEW POLICY GUIDELINES FOR CONCESSIONAL TELEPHONE FOR BSNL RETIREES: BSNL has issued detailed policy guidelines for BSNL retired Executives and Non-Executives. For orders
GSM players to move HC over spectrum: Taking the government head on, four GSM mobile operators - Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Spice - have decided to "unitedly" approach the Delhi High Court against telecom tribunal TDSAT's interim order not to stay the spectrum allocation process. "The department of telecom's (DoT) decision is an attempt to pass off second and new GSM licences to CDMA operators in the garb of dual technology allocation," GSM lobby Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) said in a statement. COAI said it has decided to approach the High Court, as TDSAT has not given any justification for its interim order not to stay the spectrum allocation process. The Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT), on December 12, had refused to stay the issuance of new licences to those who had applied as of September 25. Appearing on behalf of the government, Solicitor General G E Vahanvati had said before TDSAT that the government would go ahead with the allotment of start-up spectrum to the new players. He also said that Tata Teleservices' application for use of cross-over technology would be considered favourably. On COAI's plea to stay the process of issuing new licenses, TDSAT chairman Arun Kumar had said: "This is a matter of public policy. I would not decide, let the government decide on it." According to COAI, the TDSAT order would allow the government to proceed with the allocation of GSM spectrum to CDMA operators, creating irreversible third party rights and thus rendering entire petition of COAI infructuous.(PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 19.12.2007)

(1) PROMOTION OF SDE TELECOM TO STS OF ITS GROUP A: As reported earlier in this site STS adhoc promotion for 621 SDEs has been issued. For orders...
Promotion orders for 177 JTOs to SDE Telecom under 75% quota (ST vacancies) has been issued. For orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 18.12.2007)

CORRECTIONS IN THE FINAL SENIORITY OF TES GROUP B: DOT has issued corrections in the final seniority list of TES Group B and also declaration of merit positions in the LDCE of TES Group B held on 1.12.2002. For orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 13.12.2007)

BSNL ORDER ON IT RECOVERY KEPT IN ABEYANCE: BSNL has kept in abeyance till further orders, its earlier orders directing recovery of Income Tax for stay in quarters. For orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 12.12.2007)

(1) PROMOTION OF SDE TELECOM TO STS OF ITS GROUP A: Inspite of repeated reminder from Corporate Office,  vigilance clearance for many officers are yet to be received. DPC may be constrained to proceed with available VCs so that promotion orders are issued before the end of this month.  This might result in further reduction in the number of officers promoted to STS, i.e. less than 600 plus.
The expansion plans of  BSNL may come under pressure as the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson (lowest bidder) has refused to accept the full tender of 22.5 million GSM lines awarded to it. Ericsson, which was earlier awarded 60 per cent of the total contract of BSNL, was also offered the remaining share after Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) refused to accept its share of 40 per cent of the 22.5-million lines contract due to price differences. When contacted, Ericsson Vice President (Marketing and Strategy) P Balaji confirmed the development. Ericsson had quoted about 107 dollar per line in the tender, while NSN quote was about 167 dollars. This new development may force BSNL to look for alternatives such as floating a fresh tender for nine million GSM lines. Ericsson has already started implementing its contract for about 13.5 million lines and BSNL may get capacity addition in next 2-3 months. Earlier last month, BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Kuldeep Goyal had said that the company was exploring three alternatives -- award whole contract to Ericsson, talking to BSNL's existing vendors for add-on capacity and finally floating a fresh tender. The telecom major has been losing its market share and subscriber addition has been falling due to capacity crunch. It has a capacity of providing five million lines, which would be exhausted in the next 2-3 months. (PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 5.12.2007)

DELHI HIGH COURT CASE  AGAINST  REVERSION ORDER OF 1966 SDEs: When the case came up for hearing on 4.12.07, BSNL's counsel sought time for submission of rejoinder. The case has been adjourned to 13th May 2008.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 30.11.2007)

DELHI HIGH COURT CASE ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION :The hearing did not take place yesterday, as the Addl. Solicitor General representing the DOT did not turn up. The case has been adjourned to 7th February 2008.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 27.11.2007)

RECOVERY OF INCOME TAX IN LIEU OF GOVT. ACCOMMODATION TREATED AS PERQUISITE:  BSNL has issued circular for recovery of arrears of income tax due for the years 2001-02 to 2006-07 for stay in govt. accommodation, in bulk during the current financial year. However if the employees give an undertaking in writing for recovery of the amount in installments, recovery will be done in suitable installments from the salary by March 2008.  In this case BSNL will pay upfront to the income tax department on behalf of the employees. Copy of the Circular...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 24.11.2007)

(1) BSNL READY FOR DISINVESTMENT: In what could be the mother of all IPOs, public sector BSNL, India’s largest telecoms company, is looking at divesting about 20% within the next 12 months. The catch is the plan can take off only if the government were to approve the plan. Sources said BSNL, which has over 65 million users, could be valued at close to $100 billion, which puts a 20% stake dilution at $20 billion — the largest that the country has witnessed so far. It must be pointed out that this is not the first time that BSNL is planning an IPO. Its earlier requests for listing have all been turned down by the government. BSNL had put its IPO plans on the back burner after former communications minister Dayanidhi Maran had rejected the proposal last year. This time around, BSNL executives expressed more confidence and are of the view that the present communications and IT minister A Raja may not be against the proposal. BSNL is yet to present the idea of listing to Mr Raja. If the communications ministry were to approve the proposal, BSNL will undertake a process for cleaning up its books and also appoint an advisor to for the IPO within the next couple of months. It must also be pointed out that sister company MTNL, which offers services in both Delhi and Mumbai, is a listed company. (TNN)
(BSNL) plans to expand the GSM network has hit a roadblock with Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) having refused to accept its share of the 22.5-million-lines contract due to differences on the price issue.Addressing a press conference here on Friday, BSNL Chairman and Managing Director, Kuldip Goyal, said price difference was the main reason for NSN not accepting the order but added that negotiations were still going on. “We are exploring three alternatives — award of whole contract to Ericsson, talking to BSNL’s existing vendors for add-on capacity and finally floating a fresh tender — he added. The final decision on the issue was expected to be taken within a month. (The Hindu)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 21.11.2007)

DPC FOR PROMOTION TO STS OF ITS GROUP A:  DPC for promotion of SDE Telecom to STS of ITS Group A, for 600 plus posts is in progress.  Promotion orders are expected within a fortnight.  Unlike in previous occasions, this time, more number of droppings are feared, due to stringent attendant conditions.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 6.11.2007)

DELHI HIGH COURT CASE ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION : The case was listed to be heard today.  But it did not come up for hearing due to time taken up by other cases ahead in the list.  The case has now been listed for hearing on 29th November 2007.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 2.11.2007)

SENIORITY OF SC/ST TES GROUP B OFFICERS: Consequent to vacation of stay by Hon'ble High Court of Madras, BSNL issues orders that DOT letter dated 17.1.07 circulating the seniority list of SC/ST TES Group B officers holds good. Copy of the orders....

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 1.11.2007)

DOT ACCEPTS TEC PROPOSALS ON ADDITIONAL SPECTRUM: The TEC had recommended more than eight times increase in subscriber base for GSM operators to become eligible for additional tranche of spectrum. However, in some circles, the TEC has lowered the subscriber base than proposed by telecom regulator TRAI. According to a telecom analyst, TEC, a technical wing of the Department of Telecom, has carried out a very "scientific" methodology to arrive at these numbers as it used a host of parameters to calculate the number of subscribers which can be accommodated in a given quantity of spectrum. While the GSM operators' lobby COAI has strongly protested TEC proposals, the CDMA operators under AUSPI have welcomed the proposals.

 NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 31.10.2007)

(1) VSNL to be named Tata Communications: Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL)'s Board has approved to change the company's name to Tata Communications Ltd.  VSNL believes that the name change would help it to leverage the brand equity of Tata group. Tata Group assumed the management of VSNL about five years ago.(PTI)
(2) TEC report on additional spectrum: In a big setback to existing GSM mobile operators like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, the Telecom Engineering Centre on Wednesday proposed an exponential increase in subscriber base to avail of additional spectrum. In Delhi, for example, an operator can accommodate six lakh subscribers with the initial 4.4 MHz of spectrum. But to become eligible for next tranche of 6.2 MHz spectrum, the company has to garner 19 lakh subscribers and to avail 8 MHz spectrum the subscriber base has to be at least 34 lakh. This marks a substantial increase in the subscriber base for availing additional spectrum as earlier recommended by telecom regulator TRAI. In fact, in certain cases TEC proposal have become even more stringent than the TRAI's proposals. In some cases like Haryana, Kerala and others, the TEC has lowered the subscriber base. The proposals assume significance as TEC is the technical wing of the Department of Telecom and its suggestions have a bearing on final policy. Enhanced subscriber link criterion was the main irritant for existing GSM operators and they had even challenged it in telecom tribunal TDSAT.(PTI)

 NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 19.10.2007)

GOVT. ACCEPTS TRAI PROPOSAL ON SPECTRUM: The government today approved increase in subscribers base, recommended by telecom regulator Trai, as a basis for further allocation of spectrum - a decision that may badly hit existing GSM players like Bharti, Vodafone Essar and Idea. The government has accepted Trai's recommendations of enhanced subscriber-linked criterion for frequency allocation, and has set up a committee in Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC) to "further" study and submit a report, the department of telecom (DoT) said today. DoT has also said that there would be no cap on number of players in each circle in order to ensure rapid expansion of telecom services. The decision may make it difficult for existing GSM players to get additional spectrum for expansion as DoT has raised the subscriber base by nearly five times. Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) had earlier served a legal notice on DoT for delay in allocating additional spectrum, and had also opposed the criteria recommended by Trai. COAI had said that the new criterion was untenable and would not stand legal scrutiny, and had demanded that operators that had applied for additional spectrum till December last year should be treated as per the existing guidelines. (PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 17.10.2007)

VI PAY COMMISSION FOR CENTRAL GOVT. EMPLOYEES: The VI Pay commission for Central Government Employees was constituted in October 2006. It is reported that the Commission is fast completing its job and is expected to submit its report in January 2008, ahead of  schedule. A pay commission official is reported to have said that the commission will not seek any extension. Speculation is that the commission proposes nearly 33% pay rise to the central govt. employees.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 16.10.2007)

ORDERS FOR IDA REVISION W.E.F. 1.10.07: BSNL issues orders for payment of IDA at the revised rate of 76% w.e.f. 1.10.07. For copy of the orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 12.10.2007)

NIGHT-SPEAK FACILITY DURING OFF-PEAK HOURS FOR BSNL CELLULAR SERVICES: BSNL has offered as a promotional measure for 90 days from 1.11.07, night speak facility during off-peak hours (11PM to 7 AM), for Prepaid cellular services (other than Excel-Anant) and post-paid services. The rates will be 50% of the peak-hour charges.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 11.10.2007)

BSNL CHALLENGES TRAI DIRECTION ON DOMESTIC LEASED CIRCUITS: BSNL has challenged in TDSAT, TRAI's direction to open up the domestic leased circuit to the private sector, contending that its implementation would hurt the PSU's business significantly. TRAI on September 14 issued a notification mandating the government firms BSNL and MTNL to open up the domestic leased circuit (DLC) to the private cellular operators for the last mile connectivity.  Moreover, the regulator has also directed the PSUs to confirm availability of the circuits within 30 days of any formal request by the private operator. BSNL and MTNL had earlier said that TRAI's direction on opening up of DLC would lead to hoarding of last mile connections by the private sector, rendering the two PSUs uncompetitive and would affect their operations. Under these directions, BSNL and MTNL are bound to provide interconnection to the private cellular operator's network at farthest point, which are often considered unprofitable. Earlier, it (last mile connectivity) was done through commercial negotiations between BSNL and any other player but with this order it will be mandatory for the PSU to provide the link. (PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 10.10.2007)

BSNL ISSUES ORDERS FOR PAYMENT OF PRODUCTIVITY LINKED INCENTIVE: BSNL issues orders for payment of PLI equivalent to 1.1. times of basic pay as on 1.3.07, subject to a minimum of Rs.10000. Maximum limit has been done away with, which will benefit senior level officers.  Last year PLI was paid equivalent to 1.4 times of basic pay. For copy of the orders...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 3.10.2007)

DoT may dump cell licence queue: The rush of mobile licence applications landing at department of telecom’s (DoT) doorstep is likely to impact the expansion plans of Vodafone Essar, Idea Cellular and Spice as well as the GSM ambitions of Reliance Communications, all of whom have applied for 2G spectrum in many circles well over a year ago. Read More...

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 1.10.2007)

Govt raises salary limit for bonus: Ahead of the festival season, the government today handed a bonanza to millions of industrial workers by approving changes to the Bonus Act, which would make workers drawing up to Rs 10,000 monthly salary eligible for annual bonus. Hitherto, only those drawing a monthly salary of up to Rs 3,500 were eligible to claim bonus. The Cabinet has approved the amendment to Section 12 "to raise the eligibility limit for payment of bonus from the salary or wage of Rs 3,500 to Rs 10,000 per month," Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes told reporters. He said construction workers, even if they have worked for a month with builders or contractors, would also be eligible to avail a proportional bonus from their employers. The decision would benefit seven per cent of the total workforce in the country, which is working in the organised sector, said the Minister. (PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 28.09.2007)

TDSAT issues notices on tariff hike: The Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) today issued notices to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) and mobile operators Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar and Idea over recent tariff increases. The TDSAT chairman directed Trai and the three operators to file their replies within a week. The notices were issued on a petition filed by the Telecom Users Group of India, an NGO, challenging the recent price hike by the three service providers and requesting the tribunal to put the tariff hike on hold. It also sought a direction to Trai for looking into the hike. The NGO also requested TDSAT to direct the operators to put on record that they would refund the excess amount to their customers if they lost the case. The operators had raised charges for local calls by 20% and international calls by 20 to 32% in August. The petitioner said the companies were raising tariffs just to earn huge profits. It added that the operators, which virtually control 64% of the market, already earn high profits so there was no urgency to increase tariffs. "It was not just a 20 paisa hike in the tariff. It was virtually a 20% increase and with it the telcos would earn Rs 8,600 crore extra every year," the NGO's counsel Meenakshi Arora said.(Business Standard)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 26.09.2007)

'95' dialling between BSNL and private operators: BSNL has issued orders allowing 95 dialling for inter-SDCA, intra-circle calls within the same licensing area. Click Here for the orders.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 25.09.2007)

No licence requests after Oct 1: Amid the rush of applications seeking telecom licenses, the government has said no new applications would be accepted after October 1. The DoT has said that within the next 10 days a decision would be taken on recommendations given by TRAI with regard to capping the number of players in each circle and also on the allocation of additional spectrum. The department has received over 160 applications for UAS licenses and in view of limited availability of spectrum, it may not be possible for DoT to entertain most of them. New applicants include realty majors Parsavnath Developers and Unitech, HFCL, Reliance Communications and Essar among others. On the other hand, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI)  has served a legal notice to the DoT for delay in allocating spectrum to existing players like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone-Essar and Idea Cellular based on notified criteria. The DoT is also negotiating with the ministry of defence for vacating additional spectrum of up to 45 MHz to entertain requests from the existing players as well as new aspirants. (The Tribune)


NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 21.09.2007)

DELHI HIGH COURT CASE ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION : Both the judges were on leave and no hearing took place today. Next date for hearing is fixed for 6th November 2007.
Revision of Seniority for TES Group B Officers: Final orders were not passed on 13th September as expected. The matter is expected to come before HP High Court in second week of November.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 20.09.2007)

(1)PROVISION OF STD AND ROAMING FACILITY FOR SERVICE MOBILE AND ENHANCEMENT OF CALL LIMIT FOR RSTC: BSNL has issued orders for providing STD and All India roaming facility in all service mobile connections and enhanced call limit for Residential Service Telecphone Connections for Executives and select Non-Executives. Click Here for the order

(2) BSNL bags broadband project: BSNL has bagged a contract for providing broadband connectivity to around 13,000 district and taluka judges across the country under its e-governance package to various Government bodies. Various Central and State Government agencies are implementing the e-governance related project. BSNL is offering special package with single window facility for application and billing. It is the largest broadband service provider with 11 lakh subscribers. The company is rolling out 25 lakh additional connections.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 18.09.2007)

BSNL STAYS FINAL SENIORITY LIST OF SC/ST OFFICERS OF TES GROUP B: Hon'ble Principal CAT, New Delhi had stayed on 27.2.07, the seniority of SC/ST officers of TES Group B issued vide DOT letter dated 17.1.07. BSNL has issued instructions to circles to ensure that DOT letter dt.17.1.07 is not acted upon till further orders. Click here for the instructions

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 15.09.2007)

RECRUITMENT RULES FOR MANAGEMENT TRAINEES: BSNL notifies Recruitment Rules for Management Trainees. Click Here for the notification

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 14.09.2007)

DELHI HIGH COURT CASE ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION : After the hearing started on 13th September, one of the judges hearing the case observed that he had been DOT's counsel in a related case in Supreme Court earlier and hence desired to be replaced. Now the Chief Justice New Delhi High Court will nominate another judge in his place and the case will be heard on 21st September 2007.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 12.09.2007)

TRAI JUSTIFIES TARIFF HIKE BY PRIVATE OPERATORS: Admitting a petition filed by Delhi-based NGO Telecom Watchdog against the tariff hike, the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal issued notices to TRAI and Bharti Airtel, Vodafone-Essar and Idea Cellular. Last week, TDSAT had pulled up TRAI for not intervening in the issue as the price hike had direct bearing on users. On TRAI's remark that it was not the right time to step in, a TDSAT bench headed by Justice Arun Kumar said: "Keep this aside... its a matter of consumer interest. Do something, otherwise players would resort to tariffs hike constantly." Later, TRAI sought to justify the present prices, saying that due to intense competition call charges have come down from Rs 16 a minute a few years ago to one rupee at present. "Apart from roaming everything is going down. And there is forbearance policy (means tariffs are market-driven) but we are looking into the issue," TRAI said (PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 10.09.2007)

CBI to approach TRAI in Reliance Infocomm case: CBI will seek help from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to ascertain how international calls were allegedly routed as local ones by Reliance Infocomm before its de-merger as the agency struggles to make headway in the case described by officials as "too technical". Read More

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 08.09.2007)

TDSAT pulls up TRAI:  The Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal on Friday has pulled up the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India for not intervening till now in the matter of the recent tariff hike by three major telecom players — Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar and Idea.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 07.09.2007)

CLARIFICATION ON BSNL CDA RULES 2006:BSNL has issued a few clarifications on the CDA Rules 2006. Click Here for the circular

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 06.09.2007)

BSNL TRANSFER POLICY: BSNL has issued the finalised transfer policy for BSNL Executives and Non-Executives. There has been virtually no change in the original proposal circulated a few months earlier.  There are many clauses with far reaching consequences.  It is not known whether the unions/associations did not seek necessary modifications or whether they have been totally rejected by BSNL. Click Here for the policy

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 31.08.2007)

(1) Productivity Linked Incentive for the year 2006-07: BSNL employees will be getting PLI for this year at a much reduced amount compared to what they received last year.  The performance rating of BSNL for the year 2006-07 has been GOOD, while the rating for the previous year was EXCELLENT.  It is learnt that BSNL is proposing to get the approval of DOT for giving a little more amount than it is justified as per the present norms.  It is alarming to note that the performance rating of BSNL for the first quarter of current financial year is POOR.
(2) RECRUITMENT OF OUTSIDE JTOs: BSNL is processing the case for recruitment of 3500 outside JTOs
(3) PROMOTION OF JAG level ITS officers to SAG level:  DOT is on the process of giving promotion to a group of JAG level ITS officers to SAG level posts in BSNL.  It is not known how DOT is allowed to give promotion to a section of the people in BSNL when promotion to others are being denied in the name of non-framing of RRs.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 30.08.2007)

TCS WINS Rs.574 CRORES DEAL FROM BSNL: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) today announced a Rs 574 crore ($ 140 million) deal with BSNL. TCS will provide BSNL a comprehensive range of services to enable the transformation of existing systems and processes to next generation convergent billing system. TCS will lead manage the overall engagement along with a large team of hardware, software and application partners. The multi-year engagement involves setting up of complex data networks across the BSNL footprint in North and West India, and includes deployment of operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) components such as customer relationship management and billing."The engagement with BSNL is testimony to TCS’ ability to help customers experience certainty by leveraging our superior capabilities in systems integration using cutting-edge technologies as well as strong domain knowledge in the telecom sector," said S Ramadorai, CEO and MD, TCS. "TCS will leverage its assets, frameworks, development processes, best practices and prior experience of similar engagements to deliver the next generation of services to the biggest telecom service provider in India and help BSNL deliver certainty to its end users," said N Chandrasekaran, head, global sales and operations, TCS.(PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 29.08.2007)

DELHI HIGH COURT CASE  AGAINST  REVERSION ORDER OF 1966 SDEs: The case was  heard on 27th August. Next date of hearing, for both the original petition by the affected SDEs and the Miscellaneous Application by DOT, has been fixed for 4th December 2007.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 27.08.2007)

MTNL stops offering new connections in Mumbai: MTNL has stopped offering new mobile connections in Mumbai as equipment supplier ITI has failed to expand the capacity, contracts for which were placed over an year ago under the reserve quota for public sector firms. ITI, who has a technical tie-up with French vendor Alcatel, was given the order to add capacity more than a year ago under the reserve quota started by former telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran.  MTNL had opposed Maran's move of offering 30 per cent contract order to a PSU on the ground that MTNL has only two circles, Delhi and Mumbai, and it was not feasible to implement the reserve quota system as in case of BSNL. Maran, however, had refused to accept MTNL's plea, an official said, adding "we are paying a price of being a PSU as it never happens in the private sector". Several reminders have been given to ITI but this has been of no use.  After Mumbai, US equipment supplier Motorola was given the contract for Delhi in October 2006, and the company has already laid the capacity.(PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 25.08.2007)

Revision of Seniority for TES Group B Officers: We had earlier reported that a case is being heard in HP High Court regarding fixation of seniority of all TES Group B Officers as per principle of Rule 206 and not to limit this for some 47 TES Group B Officers as done by DOT even after a clarificatory order was issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court on one of its own earlier judgment.  The case has been finally heard and decision is to be pronounced on 13th Sepetember.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 24.08.2007)

COUNTING OF RESIDENCY PERIOD W.E.F.1.10.2000: BSNL has issued orders allowing counting of residency period w.e.f.1.10.2000 for the purpose of time bound upgradation, in respect of cadres belonging to civil/electrical/arch/TF/CSS and cadres PS/PA/JAO.  The original demand was revision of their scales w.e.f. 1.10.2000, instead of the various dates after 1.10.2000 these scales were given, which seems to have been rejected. However this order will give some relief to these cadres.  Click Here for the orders

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 23.08.2007)

OIL SECTOR OFFICERS' STRIKE: The 45,000-member Oil Sector Officers’ Association (OSOA) called off its strike within hours of starting it on 21-8-07, after the government offered higher interim relief as compensation for the delay in revising wages.  The interim relief, hiked to Rs 60,000-1,20,000 per employee from the previous day’s offer of Rs 50,000-1,00,000, will be effective from January 1, 2007. This would be adjusted once the quantum of salary increase was agreed upon, Petroleum Minister Murli Deora said.  About 45,000 officers of government-owned oil companies, including Indian Oil Corporation, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and Bharat Petroleum Corporation, began their indefinite strike from 6:00 am to press for the merger of 50 per cent dearness allowance with basic pay, release of ad-hoc payment and withdrawal of tax on perquisites like company-provided accommodation. The Association said that they agreed to call off the strike after an assurance that a majority of their demands, including a salary increase, will be met. Some Associations which took part in the earlier strike seeking  50% DA merger (two days' wages was recovered then), did not participate in the strike this time.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 21.08.2007)

(1) DELHI HIGH COURT CASE ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION : There was no hearing yesterday in Delhi High Court. Next date of hearing is scheduled for 6th September.
Customers of BSNL and MTNL , which include government departments too, owe these companies over $1.3 billion (which equals Rs 5402.95 crore) in arrears on account of unpaid telephone bills. BSNL accounts for about 77% of this amount — the PSU has to recover Rs 4,178.28 crore in unpaid bills of which Rs 3,628.57 crore is from its landline users while Rs 545.71 crore is accounted for by its mobile customers. On the other hand, MTNL has Rs 1,228.67 crore in arrears, bulk of which (Rs 1065.29 crore) relates to its landline users, with the mobile segment contributing only Rs 163.67 crore. The PSUs have introduced discount scheme for defaulters in a bid ‘to lure them to clear their dues, according to sources said. At the same time, BSNL has also filed civil suits against defaulters in cases where the outstanding is more than Rs 25,000.
BSNL set to go global, to float BSNL Videsh:  It is learnt that the government is clearing the decks for BSNL to foray into global markets by floating an international subsidiary called BSNL Videsh. According to sources, in the first phase, BSNL Videsh will oversee the PSU’s international long distance (ILD) operations.  Though BSNL has an ILD licence,  it currently depends on private undersea operators to carry most of its traffic. BSNL Videsh is likely to be entrusted with the task of negotiating termination and carriage tariffs with international submarine cable operators for carrying voice and data, sources added. BSNL (jointly with MTNL) will soon enter the global under sea cable space - both PSUs are currently undertaking feasibility and technical studies for building a Rs 1,800 crore submarine cable links connecting India to South Asia and West Asia, which they later plan to expand to the United States and Europe, respectively.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 13.08.2007)

Bharti, Hutch quietly raise local call rates: After raising STD call rates recently, Bharti Airtel and Hutch (now Vodafone Essar) have now quietly increased local charges within their own network to Rs 1.20 per minute for prepaid customers from Rs one a minute. The new call charges, which come into effect from today, will be for prepaid customers for Airtel-to-Airtel and Hutch-to-Hutch calls, officials of both the companies said. The two operators have also increased local SMS rates to Rs 1.20 per message for all users, both prepaid and postpaid, from Re one earlier. While even minuscule reduction in rates are announced with fanfare, the companies refrained from publicising the tariff hike and brought out customary notices by way of small advertisements tucked inside newspaper pages. Other operators like Idea, MTNL, BSNL, Reliance and Tata could also respond to the hike in local call rates after the revision by two of the country's largest service providers. Officials said with subscriber base increasing, it is difficult to maintain networks to support huge additions of new users without raising tariffs. Since prepaid users constitute about 80 per cent of both the operators' customer base it is more useful to tinker with prepaid rates, they said justifying the tariff increase. Hutch-Essar and Bharti Airtel had early this month, in a similar fashion, increased STD rates. While prepaid users of Hutch will pay Rs 2.65 from Rs 2.40 previously for STD to all other networks, Bharti Airtel's prepaid and postpaid mobile customers in Delhi region would pay STD rates of Rs 2.65 and Rs 2.40 a minute respectively from Rs 2 earlier.(PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 12.08.2007)

DOT RULES OUT MERGER OF BSNL AND MTNL: DoT has ruled out the possibility of merging BSNL and MTNL  on the grounds of the listed entity status of MTNL. Telecom minister A Raja has been recently apprised by DoT officials of this decision which says MTNL has private stakeholders who may not favour a merger with BSNL. While BSNL is 100% owned by the government, MTNL has 56.25% government stake. MTNL is listed in the domestic market and on the New York Stock Exchange. The merger plan was first floated by the late communications minister Pramod Mahajan and it was revived later by former minister Dayanidhi Maran. MTNL has minority shareholders/ADR holders whose approval for the merger decision is crucial. After I-Sec submitted its report, the government was exploring the financial pros and cons of a reverse merger of BSNL with MTNL to take care of the private shareholders' interests. A merger mode would necessitate a mandatory delisting of MTNL for a subsequent relisting of the combined BSNL-MTNL entity which would have been a complicated process for DoT to handle. In a reverse merger, BSNL would have been required to fork out $1 billion to buy the 56.25% government stake in MTNL based on its $1.8 billion enterprise valuation. A possible deterrent to reverse merger was the hefty stamp duties that would automatically accrue on BSNL. (PTI)

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 10.08.2007)

(1) DELHI HIGH COURT CASE ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION :  The matter came up before the Court yesterday i.e on 9th August 2007. But no argument took place, since the Advocate from the Petitioners’ side was not ready and seeking for further postponement. This was opposed by the respondent and the intervener. The Additional Solicitor General, representing the DoT, was present in the Court. The Hon’ble Court has finally decided to start argument on 20th August 2007.
DELHI HIGH COURT CASE  AGAINST  REVERSION ORDER OF 1966 SDEs:  DoT has moved a Miscellenous Application before the Court stating that it has decided to revoke the reversion of 553 SDEs but simultaneously order reversion of another 553 SDEs. The Deptt has further asked the Court to permit it to hold DPCs as per the Seniority lists drawn by affecting reversion of 1966 SDEs. The matter is to be come up before the Court on 23.08.2007. The Original Case against reversion in which the Petitioners had obtained a stay order, however, is to come up before the Court on 27.08.2007. DoT seems to be in no mood to give relief to the affected SDEs.
(3) MTNL TO START VoIP SERVICE IN NEPAL:  MTNL’s Joint Venture Company United Telecom Ltd has been permitted by Nepalese Government to start Voice over Internet Protocol service there. UTL, a joint venture of MTNL with VSNL, TCIL and a local Nepalese Firm, has already commissioned their CDMA based telecom service and ILD service and have about one lakh customers.
(4) BSNL PULLED UP BY DoT: State run BSNL along with Bharti Airtel, Hutch and Reliance Communications, whose mobile services have been found to be operational in ‘no service zone’ along the international border of the country, have been served show cause notices by DoT.
(5) SPICE TELECOM GETS NLD/ILD LICENCE:  DoT has granted licence to Spice Telecom for starting its own National Long Distance and International Long Distance Service. The Company will be able to offer other telecom companies to carry their NLD and ILD traffic in addition to carrying its own traffic. 
(6) DoT TAKES UP VACATION OF SPECTRUM ISSUE WITH MINISTRY OF DEFENCE:  Dr A Raja, Minister of Communications has written to Ministry of Defence to rethink on its decision -  not to vacate any spectrum until DoT builds and hands over secure networks for all three armed forces at DoT’s cost. DoT has also asked defence ministry to pay Rs 5000 crore annually on ad-hoc basis till spectrum issue is resolved. This ongoing tussle, if not resolved early, will delay the roll out of 3 G services.

NEWS IN BRIEF (As updated on 03.08.2007)

(1)Ericsson accepts BSNL's GSM tender: BSNL's plans to expand mobile network are finally ready for take off with Swedish telecom vendor Ericsson today accepting the GSM equipment contract and submitting bank guarantee .
(2) BSNL’s next GSM tender size likely to be smaller:  Contrary to the hints given earlier, the size of the BSNL’s next GSM mega tender is likely to be between 40-50 million lines only. Dr Raja, Minister for Communications & IT has stated that he has suggested to complete the process say within next 8-9 months. BSNL Board has also to decide whether the bid will include 3G or not. It may be recalled that the earlier controversial GSM mega tender of 45.5 million lines was cut to half of its original size.
(3) Ministry of Defence refuses to vacate Spectrum unless alternate Network is created:  The Ministry of Defence is said to have refused to vacate even 45 MHz Spectrums unless DoT creates an alternative communications network for exclusive use of all the three wings of defence forces without any rental or annual maintenance cost. This development has put a question mark on finalisation of new Spectrum Policy including 3G. (6) Tata Teleservices granted NLD Licence: DoT has granted licence to Tata Service to install and operate its own NLD service.

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 02.08.2007)

(1) BSNL to hire more Managers and Engineers:  Dr A Raja, Minister of Communications & Information Technology has been quoted as saying that BSNL is planning to hire more Managers and Engineers to improve operations. The proposal is now said to be under examination in DoT. It appears that BSNL is having no urgency to implement its own promotion policy and would like to continue to depend on the Officers on deputation. The move not only denies promotion on regular basis to the absorbed/directly recruited Group B level Executives, but also narrows down the opportunity to get promotion even on local officiating/ad hoc basis.
(2) BSNL moots proposal for offering VRS to 20,000 Group C & D level Non Executives:  Outgoing CMD, BSNL Shri A K Sinha , who retired from service on 31.07.2007, has reported that BSNL has already moved a proposal to introduce a Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) for  its Group C & D employees in the cadres of clerks, Technicians, Supervisors, Line Men etc. In the first phase, 20,000 employees out of its 3.6 lakh Group C & D employees will be offered the VRS. The proposal is now being examined  by DoT. It is not known whether the BSNL EU, the recognized Union of the Non Executives has now agreed to this proposal, since they were once strongly opposing this.

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 01.08.2007)

(1) SDE COMPETITIVE QUOTA INCREASED: In accordance with the executive promotion policy, BSNL has amended RRs of all the streams of SDEs, raising the present 25% of competitive quota to 33%. It is not understood what is the wisdom behind  increasing this quota, when every time this examination is conducted, huge number of vacancies go unfilled due to candidates not qualifying. Click Here for the order
(2) REGULATION OF JOURNEYS BY PRIVATE AIRLINES WHILE AVAILING LTC: Previously journey by private airlines was being allowed for non-entitled officers restricted to entitled class by train other than Rajdhani/Satabdi expresses. Now reimbursement will be allowed at the rates for travel by Rajdhani and Satabdi expresses also provided place of Head Quarters of the officer and the destination are connected by these trains.  Click Here for the order.

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 31.07.2007)

BSNL to issue tender for 50 million GSM lines in 8 months: BSNL, whose earlier 45.5 million GSM line tender was cut to half, will invite fresh bids for installing up to 50 million lines to expand its cellular capacity. Minister A Raja told newspersons here today that BSNL is ready to go for a larger tender ... 40-50 million lines which he has suggested to give more strength to BSNL... Another process must be completed in the stipulated time, may be within 8-9 months, he said. He has said that the BSNL board would decide on whether the bids should include 3G. BSNL has already ordered 14 million 2G GSM lines from Ericsson and Nokia in the first phase of 23 million lines. Both the companies are yet to give their bank guarantees, a mark of acceptance of the deal. (PTI)

 NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 30.07.2007)

MTNL’s profit dips:  MTNL has posted a 6.23% dip in net profit at Rs 110.90 crores for the quarter ended on June 30, 2007. The profit that was recorded during the same period in 2006 was Rs 118.28 crores

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 29.07.2007)

BSNL board okays capacity addition: The board of BSNL is learnt to have given an in-principle approval for immediate capacity addition in the GSM mobile category. Since the current GSM tender, for which equipment order has been placed with vendors (Ericsson and Nokia), will be able to cater to BSNL’s demands only after April 2008 or so, there’s a capacity crunch for immediate use. To address the immediate crisis situation in the wake of BSNL’s slipping GSM growth, the PSU would ask its existing equipment suppliers to install TRX, which helps expand the capacity to certain extent. Installing TRX is not a time-consuming process, and is likely to help BSNL get over the immediate crunch situation, according to sources. This decision was taken as the equipment deployment process from the current GSM tender may take up to eight months or so.The BSNL board, according to sources, has not yet taken any decision on floating a fresh GSM tender. (Courtesy: DNA INDIA)

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 27.07.2007)

BSNL FIRMS UP ITS EXPANSION PLANS:  BSNL after having sorted out its problems in the award of advance purchase order for 45 million lines, has redrawn its expansion strategy based on projected needs and keeping in mind its commitment to rural connectivity. Click Here for the Press Report

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 25.07.2007)

TRAINING FOR GETTING SECOND INCREMENT AFTER TIME BOUND UPGRADATION: BSNL has issued details of Mandatory training under Executive Promotion Policy. The training has to be completed successfully for eligibility of second increment after upgradation.  Qualifying marks of 50% has been fixed for the post-training examination.  This is the first time the increment of Executives has been linked to qualifying an examination.  This is an indirect way of prescribing an examination for even a time bound scheme. Click here for the order

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 23.07.2007)

IDA Orders have been issued raising IDA to 71.1% w.e.f. 1-7-07

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 20.07.2007)

 (1) Advance Purchase Order for GSM Lines:  BSNL is stated to have placed an Advance Purchase Order with Ericsson for supply of 13.2 million GSM lines. This does not include 3G lines. It may be noted that BSNL had floated a mega tender in early 2006 for supply of 45.5 million lines which is now in the center of controversy.
(2) Views on BSNL’s GSM tender dispute in electronic media:  E-TV had telecast an excerpt of the interview of GS, TESA in their Hindi program at 11.00 PM on 19.07.2007. In the interview it was pointed out that the 2G Systems will be relevant for years to come for the rural and city customers who are basically satisfied with voice and short text messaging facilities and considering the cost factor. BSNL will also have to go for 3G, after proper market survey, to provide video, video conferencing and high speed data transmission (internet) facilities on wireless which will have demand mainly from corporate sector, professionals and business. BSNL can not afford to delay this, if it has to compete with the private operators and remain financially viable. The ongoing controversy on BSNL’s mega tender is unfortunate and seems to be politically motivated. Both BSNL and MTNL cannot be allowed to become sick. This will create private monopoly in telecom and ultimately the users will be the worst sufferers as we have already experienced when the first Telecom Policy of 1994 prohibited DoT and MTNL from providing the Cellular Mobile Services and allowed private monopoly in this service area. The Private Operators made maximum profit by charging @ Rs 16 per minute for an outgoing call and Rs 8 per minute for an incoming call. They were forced to lower the tariff only when MTNL and BSNL, after being allowed  by New Telecom Policy of 1998, started offering the cellular services.
(3) Revision of Seniority for TES Group B Officers We had earlier reported that a case is being heard in HP High Court regarding fixation of seniority of all TES Group B Officers as per principle of Rule 206 and not to limit this for some 47 TES Group B Officers as done by DOT even after a clarificatory order was issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court on one of its own earlier judgment. The proceeding of the case could not resume on 18.07.2007 as fixed earlier, since the Advocate could not appear before the Court. The case will now be heard in August 2007.
(4) Increase in IDA w.e.f.  July 2007 Government has decided to order enhancement of IDA by 0.9% with effect from 01.07.2007. BSNL is to endorse the Order to its field units shortly.
(5) MTNL to get refund of IT payment: MTNL has been ordered to get back refund of over Rs1400 crores from Income Tax Deptt.

FLASH (as updated on 12.7.2007)

(1) COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION IN DELHI HIGH COURT: The nine petitions from ITS Group A officers opposing their absorption in BSNL/MTNL cameup for hearing on 11-7-2007.  The Additional Solicitor General repsresenting DOT did not turn up in the court.  Efforts were made by petitioners' advocates to get further postponement.  The advocates for MTNL Executives' Welfare Association vehemently opposed this.  The Court thereafter asked the advocates from petitioners' side to start the arguments.  One advocate from the petitioners' side placed his arguments before the court.  Meanwhile it was noted that BSNL and MTNL managements had not filed their rejoinder to the petition filed by MTNL EWA despite clearcut orders given by the court on earlier occasion.  The advocate from MTNL side had reportedely said that it needs no reply.  The court was annoyed over this and fined MTNL for Rs.2000/-.  The court again ordered both MTNL/DOT to submit the rejoinder.  Next date of hearing has been fixed for 8th August 2007.
(2) Revision of seniority of TES Group `B’ Officers on Rule 206 principle:   It appears that finally the seniority lists of the TES Group B Officers will have to be redrawn based on the principle of Rule-206 for all instead of  the 49 persons as done by DoT  following the clarificatory  order passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court on 28th September 2006 in case of Union of India Vs Madras Telephones SC & ST Social Welfare Association. A division Bench of HP High Court has observed in a case before it that the stand taken by BSNL that the benefit of the clarificatory order is only available to the applicants who were parties before the Apex Court is not the correct interpretation of the Apex Court Order. The Bench has further observed that the interpretation given by BSNL to the Apex Court’s clarificatory order is totally incorrect. According to the Bench the benefit has to be extended to all, since the application for clarification was filed by the Promotee Telecom Engineering Forum and others. The forum was not an individual and represented the larger body of Promotee Telecom Engineers. The Bench gave another opportunity to BSNL  to put forth its case on 02.07.2007. The final Order is expected to be passed by the Bench on 18.07.2007.

FLASH (as updated on 8.7.2007)

CHOCKED GSM NETWORK IN BSNL – A REVIEW:-    The Government in Power in 1994 under the Prime Minister ship of Late Narasimha Rao, through the First Telecom Policy, allowed the entry of Private Operators to supplement the efforts of DoT to provide Telecom  facilities with state of the art technologies in a bigger way. While the Private Operators were allowed exclusive right to provide `cellular services’ along with basic telephone service, the DoT and MTNL were asked to confine their services only in basic telephone service segment.  With this policy decision, the Government made its intention loud and clear. It did not want to provide level playing ground to DoT/MTNL to compete with the Private Operators.  It wanted migration of customers from DoT/MTNL to Private Companies by prohibiting these two public units from providing latest services. This Policy, therefore, largely looked after the interests of Private Operators only. Quite naturally, there had been protests and even resistance since people could realize that the Policy is aimed at declaring DoT and MTNL as sick units and finally completely privatize the Telecom. However, the Second Telecom Policy of 1998 of the Government headed by Shri A B Vajpayee allowed DoT/MTNL to enter into the cellular service segment. Unfortunately, DoT failed to take advantage of this opportunity. Instead of relying on the proven technologies of those days having world wide recognition, it started with Pilot Projects in Kolkata and Tamilnadu. The result was on the expected line. The invested money was totally lost and the service was not available. This gave another opportunity to the Private Operators, having the monopoly in cellular service, to capture more market share and make huge profits by charging the customers arbitrarily.  It is only after the BSNL was formed in late 2000 that some changes in the situation could be noticed. Though started the cellular services 6/7 years later, when compared to the services launched by the Private Operators, BSNL could reach the second highest position in the cellular service segment within a very short period. But now BSNL has slipped to fourth position, since the expansion of its GSM network was never on the desired pace. Further, BSNL’s mega tender for procurement of GSM equipments has already gone through many hurdles and now it is said that Communication Ministry is not allowing placing orders for supply of equipments. It is well known that in Government, tendering process tends to delay procurement of the equipments. In the given circumstances, this cannot be avoided unless some other mechanism is evolved for replacing tendering process. Here lies the responsibility on the Management to anticipate possible hurdles and plan accordingly. The procurement could be on year to year basis but on time. Procurement for next couple of years' requirement in one go may not be a right decision, since technology is changing fast and there will be no gain in adding old technology.  The Management has to be bold enough to take prompt decisions instead of trying to save its skin. It should be able to call a spade a spade. Why can’t the Management tell the authorities in power that further delay in expansion of GSM network will make BSNL a sick unit? However, we can not expect this from those who are more concerned with their safe retirement from service and rehabilitation in some other place.  Again is it not the duty of those who are friendly to the present Government and are against such policies and decisions of the Government, which might lead the PSUs and in this case the BSNL to become a sick unit, to put the required pressure on the Government to see the reasons -  though nothing was done in the recent past when the same Government allowed FDI in Telecom and sharing  of BSNL/MTNL’s  infrastructure with Private Operators despite protests. Why can’t they take the issue at their own level and the employees are not required to take the extreme step?  Unlike other PSUs,  BSNL is never seen to be functioning peacefully. It is always living with crisis. The present crisis may not last long. But this is not the solution. There is a need to avoid crisis so that crisis-management never becomes the order of the day in BSNL.

FLASH (as updated on 31.05.2007)

(1)PAYMENT OF SPECIAL BOARD ALLOWANCE: In yet another bonanza for BSNL board members, orders have been issued for payment of Rs.8500 per month to them w.e.f. 4.10.05 as Special Board Allowance.  An arrears of roughly Rs.2 lakhs will be available to the board members.  One cannot resist comparison of a meager amount granted as perks to the executives, that too after a lot of dilly dallying.
(2)APPROVAL OF MAN POWER PLAN FOR 2005-07:As has become the practice, after a very long delay, the Man Power Plan 2005-07 (for two years together) has been approved by BSNL. The posts sanctioned under this plan include the SBP posts abolished w.e.f. 21.6.06.  Thus against the 360 posts approved for STS, 77 posts have to be deducted. Similar is the case for other cadres. No additional posts have been sanctioned for Civil and Electrical wings. As usual the lower level executives posts will be upgraded as senior level executive posts putting  the JTOs and SDEs in these wings at disadvantage.

The AIC of NFTE-BSNL has been held at Saharanpur last week.  Com.O.P.Gupta has stepped down as SG, NFTE and Com.M.B.Vichare has taken over the mantle. We congratulate Com.Vichare on his election as SG, NFTE.

Com.Gupta has made history by successfully leading a trade union for more than 60 years.  He has led glorious struggles right from the days of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.  His foresight on all issues concerning the industry and its employees has resulted in innumerable achievements.  The coining of demands - Govt. Pension, Job Security and Financial Viability of BSNL- just before formation of BSNL stands testimony to his wisdom. His strength was that he always saw light in darkness. We wish him good health and long life.

FLASH (as updated on 23.05.2007)

SDE (TELECOM) COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION POSTPONED: The Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (25% quota) for promotion as SDE (Telecom) scheduled for 10th June 2007 has been postponed to 15th July 2007. Click Here for the Circular

FLASH (as updated on 19.05.2007)

COURT CASE ON GROUP A ABSORPTION: The next date of hearing on absorption of Group A in BSNL, in Delhi High Court, has been fixed for 11th July 2007.

FLASH (as updated on 13.05.2007)

CLARIFICATION ON CDA RULES WHEN DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS ARE INITIATED AGAINST OFFICERS HOLDING ADHOC POSTS: BSNL clarifies that officers holding adhoc posts for more than a year need not be reverted to the substantive post while initiating disciplinary proceedings as per CDA Rules. Click Here for the order.

FLASH (as updated on 11.05.2007)

(1) FOREIGN COMPANIES GET AN OPPORTUNITY TO MANAGE PENSION FUNDS OF CENTRAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES: In yet another setback for the working class movements in the country, the Government has opened a window of opportunity for foreign companies for managing pension funds of Central and state government employees. The Left parties, which have been opposing the New Pension Scheme (NPS) that would be based on contribution by the employees, have said that only public sector entities should be entrusted with the task of managing the pension funds. While the government has conceded this demand, it has allowed for FDI in the entities that will be floated by public sector institutions for the job. Click Here for the full story.
(2) COURT CASE ON GROUP A ABSORPTION: Group A absorption in Delhi High Court could not be argued today since the second judge for the court has not yet been appointed.  Case is now postponed for one more month.

FLASH (as updated on 10.05.2007)

CLARIFICATION ON PERKS AND IDA SCALES: BSNL issues clarifications on perks and IDA scales with reference to HR package. Click Here for the order

FLASH (as updated on 26.04.2007)

COURT CASE ON ABSORPTION OF GROUP A: The Delhi High court case on the absorption of Group A officers will now be heard on 11th May 2007

FLASH (as updated on 16.04.2007)

(1) DECKS CLEARED FOR BSNL'S GSM EXPANSION PLANS: BSNL will now be able to place orders for its over Rs 20,000 crore mobile telephony expansion plan as Motorola, which had challenged its disqualification in the tendering process in the Delhi High Court, has withdrawn the case. Click Here for details.
(2) CLARIFICATIONS ON JTO TO SDE (TELECOM) COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION TO BE HELD ON 10-6-2007: BSNL has issued a few clarifications regarding eligibility for appearing in JTO to SDE (Telecom) 25% competitive examination for which the last date for submission of application has already been extended to 25-4-2007.  Click Here for the clarifications

FLASH (as updated on 12.04.2007)

WITHDRAWAL OF PAY FIXATION UNDER FR 22 (I) (a) (i) FOR JTO and SDE ON THEIR VERTICAL PROMOTION AFTER LATERAL ADVANCEMENT -  STEPPING UP OF PAY OF SENIORS WHO DID NOT GET LATERAL PROMOTION: DOT has clarified that their OM dated 5.9.06 takes effect from the date of issue and pending cases relating to stepping up of pay of senior JTOs/SDEs who did not get lateral promotion may be decided in accordance with orders prevailing at that time.  Click Here for the BSNL orders

FLASH (as updated on 09.04.2007)

(1) PROMOTION ORDER FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM: Delhi High Court order dated 26.2.07 regarding reversion of 1966 SDEs, seems to have put spokes in the conduct of DPC for promotion from SDEs Telecom to DEs Telecom.  DOT is reported to have decided to seek legal opinion on Delhi High Court order.
(2) RECRUITMENT RULE FOR MANAGEMENT TRAINEES: The initial enthusiasm shown by BSNL in framing the recruitment rule for Management Trainees has slowed down. Sources point out that the reluctance in framing the rules is, due to its possible impact on the Group A officers who have not yet been  absorbed in BSNL.

FLASH (as updated on 31.03.2007)

BSNL MOVES TDSAT AGAINST TRAI'S ADC CUT: BSNL is reported to have filed an appeal in Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal against the regulator's revised norms on Access Deficit Charge. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had on March 21 announced a 37 per cent reduction in ADC for 2007-08 to Rs 2,000 crore from Rs 3,200 crore earlier. The new rates are effective from April 1.
The levy is paid by private telecom operators to BSNL for meeting the cost of unprofitable operations in rural areas

FLASH (as updated on 27.03.2007)

BSNL OPPOSES TRAI DECISION TO REDUCE PORT CHARGES: BSNL had entered into inter-connect agreements with private operators for various service areas. As per the agreement, the private operators are paying port charges starting from Rs.55000 per stream per year. When TRAI proposed reduction in this port charges,  BSNL had succeeded before the Hon'ble TDSAT in its judgement dated 27.04.2005 in Appeal No. 11/2002 and dated 03.05.2005 in Appeal No.31/2003, wherein the Hon'ble TDSAT had laid down that TRAI is not empowered to alter/modify the terms and conditions of the Interconnection Agreements between the parties. Despite this TRAI has issued the Telecommunication Interconnection (Port Charges) Amendment Regulations, 2007 (No.1 of 2007) seeking to reduce the port charges to be paid by the private operators to the BSNL, starting from Rs.39000 instead of the present Rs.55000. BSNL is reported to have gone on appeal against this regulation to Hon'ble TDSAT, which is likely to be heard on 5.4.07.

FLASH (as updated on 24.03.2007)

FINANCIAL VIABILITY OF BSNL RECEIVES THREE MAJOR BLOWS : No FDI in Telecom, No reduction in ADC and No infra-structure sharing were the main demands raised by BSNL Unions and Associations to ensure financial viability and future of BSNL.  Although it was being reported that all these issues have been properly taken up with DOT/BSNL, bad news has been knocking our doors one by one recently.
The Union Cabinet has on 22-3-07 formally cleared 74% FDI in Telecom.
TRAI has reduced the ADC by nearly 30% resulting in a loss of revenue to the tune of 1200 crore rupees in 2007-2008.  TRAI has further said that ADC should become zero in the year 2008-09.(Click Here for the News)
Sharing of infrastructure with private operators has already been notified in Gujarat and Maharashtra Circles on experimental basis which is most likely to be extended to other circles soon. (Click Here for copy of BSNL circular) These developments do not augur well for the financial viability and future of BSNL.

FLASH (as updated on 21.03.2007)


FLASH (as updated on 15.03.2007)

Click Here for JTO to SDE 75% quota seniority cum fitness promotion orders.  Pages 1-6   Pages 7-12  Pages 13-19

COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION IN DELHI HIGH COURT:  The case came up for hearing in Delhi High Court today.  The counsel for the petitioners (Group A officers) prayed for adjournment of the case on the plea that their senior counsel was indisposed and could not attend the court.  This was opposed by the counsel for MTNL Executives' Welfare Association (of Com.S.P.Singh) who drew attention to the Supreme Court orders in this case for day to day hearing.  he also pointed out that already the case has seen 13 adjournments.  The court is reported to have finally said that this will be the last adjournment and has posted to the hearing for 25th April 2007

FLASH (as updated on 14.03.2007)

DECISION OF BSNL BOARD ON ACCOMMODATION PROVIDED TO ITS EMPLOYEES:BSNL circulates the decision in its Board meeting held on 21.2.07 that there is no 'concession' in the matter of accommodation provided by it to its employees. This should put at rest the controversy of treating it as perquisite for the purpose of calculating Income Tax. Click Here for the circular.

FLASH (as updated on 13.03.2007)

TRANSPORT ALLOWANCE AT DOUBLE RATES FOR HANDICAPPED EXECUTIVES: BSNL issues orders extending the facility of double the Transport Allowance already available to non-executive handicapped employees to the handicapped Executives. Click Here for the orders.

FLASH (as updated on 08.03.2007)


FLASH (as updated on 02.03.2007)

 (1) DoT’S ORDER FOR REVERSION OF 1966 SDEs IS STAYED:Delhi High Court on 26.02.2007 has clarified in regard to its earlier Order on the DoT’s Order for reversion of 1966 SDEs that the position as on 3.8.2005 should be maintained. Thus the reversion order dated 11.11.2004 issued by DoT is stayed. Click Here for the order
(2) BSNL TO MOVE AN APPLICATION FOR PLACING ORDERS FOR SUPPLY OF 40% OF ITS TENDERED GSM EQUIPMENTS: Delhi High Court has advised BSNL to move an application in regard to its request to permit placement of orders for supply of 40% of its tendered GSM equipments which is to go to the second lowest bidder as per the tender conditions. This is an interim arrangement till the case filed by Motorala is over. However, Motorala is opposing this.
(3) ISSUE OF PROMOTION ORDER FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM: CMD, BSNL is understood to have advised to release the promotion order by the end of this month

FLASH (as updated on 28.02.07)

(1) BSNL ISSUES AMENDMENTS TO REVIEW OF PROVISION OF RESIDENTIAL SERVICE TELEPHONE AND SERVICE MOBILE CONNECTION: Orders have been issued for providing service mobile connection under Plan 525 instead of Plan 225; creation of CUG of service mobile connections within the licensing service area and certification for excess use beyond prescribed monthly limits.  Click Here for the order.
(2) MODIFIED PROCEDURE FOR VIGILANCE CLEARANCE: BSNL instructions in September 2006 requiring Central Vigilance clearance even for officiating promotions/looking after arrangements  in Circle level, had been creating unwanted difficulties in ordering such promotions. BSNL has now revised the instructions allowing Circle Vigilance Head to issue vigilance clearance for all purposes upto the level of JTOs and equivalent cadre; for the purpose of local officiating/time bound upgradation from SDE and equivalent cadre to STS/Sr.SDE.

FLASH (as updated on 21.02.2007)

 (1) BSNL DENIED NAVRATNA STATUS:  Government has since granted Navratna Status to seven more PSUs – Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), National  Aluminium Company (NALCO), Bharat Electronics Ltd, National Mineral Development Corporation, Rural Electrification Corporation and Power Finance Corporation. BSNL has once again been denied the status.
(2) BRITISH TELECOM GRANTED LICENCE TO OPERATE ILD, NLD SERVICES: DoT has since granted license to British Telecom to operate ILD, NLD services in India. British Telecom may initially target the multi-site corporate customers.
(3) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS:  Following receipt of the decision from DoT in the matter of seniority of the SDEs Telecom involving clarification by Hon’ble Supreme Court, BSNL has resumed its work to complete the process to issue promotion orders.
(4) PROMOTION ORDERS FROM JTOs TO SDEs TELECOM:  The promotion order, though ready, could not be issued in absence of clearance from the higher level in Management. The matter is now pending with CMD, BSNL for a decision.
(5) COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION FOR PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM :  BSNL has decided to hold competitive examination on 10th June 2007 for promotion from JTOs Telecom to SDEs Telecom against the vacancies for the years 2001-02 to 2005-06. Total vacancies are 4608. Notification already published in this site.

FLASH (as updated on 10.02.07)

NOTIFICATION FOR LIMITED DEPARTMENTAL COMPETITIVE EXAM. FOR SDE TELECOM: Notification has been finally issued for LDCE for 25% quota of SDE Telecom to be held on 10th June 2007. Click Here for the notification

FLASH (as updated on 05.02.07)

(1) PROMOTION ORDER FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM: Personnel branch of BSNL is processing the case for issue of promotion and posting orders for about 847 candidates.  Lady executives and those with 55 years of age are to be accommodated in the same circle of their present posting.  A few executives from some circles are likely to be posted to other circles for balancing the strength of SDEs.  The delay in issue of promotion orders is said to be due to posting of some candidates with more than 55 years of age to outside circles.  This has since been corrected.
(2) PROMOTION  FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS:BSNL has received the clarification with modification of seniority of 43 SDEs.  Now the Personnel branch will process the case for holding of DPC and issue of promotion orders.
(3) SENIORITY OF SDEs FOLLOWING THE ISSUE OF CLARIFICATION BY SUPREME COURT: DOT is understood to have considered 43 SDEs who have represented to DOT for providing them the seniority in terms of the Supreme Court Judgment on which the present clarification from Supreme Court had come.  The particular stand by DOT, to extend the benefit of seniority to 43 SDEs who have represented to it to give them relief as per SC judgment, may invite numerous litigations.  When a general principle is decided, there may be a question how the principle could be implemented for a certain section of the affected people.  It appears there is no end in the matter of dispute regarding the seniority of SDEs Telecom which may cost the cadre dearly.
(4)RECRUITMENT OF JTOs FROM OPEN MARKET:  BSNL is processing the case of recruitment of 840 JTOs from open market through competitive examination.  Henceforth it is likely that similar recruitments will take place every year from open market.
(5)RECRUITMENT RULE FOR MANAGEMENT TRAINEES:  BSNL has not yet completed the exercise.  They are still collecting certain data before furnishing them to the Management committee of BSNL

FLASH (as updated on 01.02.2007)

(1) PROMOTION ORDER FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM: Vigilance wing of BSNL is understood to have given clearance for issue of promotion order, which is long overdue.  Personnel branch is expected to take follow up action accordingly.
(2) PROMOTION  FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS: DOT/BSNL is yet to take a final stand on the matter of seniority fixation of the SDEs Telecom following the clarificatory order by the Hon'ble Supreme Court, issued a few months back.  Promotion order which is dependant on the stand to be taken by DOT/BSNL is therefore getting delayed.  Apprehensions of stalemate even if DOT takes a stand, cannot be ruled out since a few petitions are already pending in different courts.

FLASH (as updated on 22.01.2007)

 (1) PROMOTION  FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS:  Issue of this long awaited Promotion Order is being delayed and delayed because of  non reply by DoT on BSNL’s query on the latest clarification given by Hon’ble Supreme Court in regard to its one earlier judgment on TES Group B seniority  with reference to Rule-206 issue.
(2) PROMOTION ORDER FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM:  Though the guidelines for postings on promotion has been decided, the postings of individuals getting promotion are yet to be finalized. This is delaying the issue of the promotion order.
(3) COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION IN DELHI HIGH COURT: The cases came up for hearing in Delhi High Court on 18.01.2007. The Hon’ble Court is reportedly had taken the stand to dismiss these cases unless the fresh cases filed in different High Courts are withdrawn. The Counsel for the Petitioners had assured the Court to get these fresh cases withdrawn. Next date for hearing is now fixed for 15.03.2007.

FLASH (as on 18.01.2007)

Orders on promotion policy issued. Click here for the orders.

FLASH (as on 16.01.2007)

(1)BSNL FRAMES RECRUITMENT RULES FOR MANAGEMENT TRAINEES :-Though BSNL has not announced the promotion policy, it has moved fast in framing the recruitment rules for Management Trainees which is now near finalization.  The RR is now with Management Committee for approval.  This will finally be put up to BSNL Board Meeting.
(2)STAY ORDER ON BSNL TENDER EXTENDED :-Delhi High Court has extended the stay order on award of contract by BSNL for 4-5 million lines of GSM network till 22nd January,2007.  In this case Motorola had challenged BSNL’s decision to disqualify it from the bidding process on technical parameters.
(3) ORDERS ON PROMOTION POLICY: Orders on BSNL Executives' Promotion Policy has been cleared for issue. The same is expected to be released tomorrow.
(4) IDA ORDERS ISSUED: Orders have been issued for increase of IDA to 68.8% w.e.f. 1.1.2007. Click Here for the orders

FLASH (as on 12.01.2007)

 (1) RELEASE OF ORDERS ON PROMOTION POLICY:  The Orders on Promotion Policy, which was slated to be issued today, has not been released. The sources say that the concerned file has already been cleared by CMD, BSNL and is on its way back to the Personnel Branch. The file will have further movement only when it is released by Director (Finance) who was out of station today. The Orders is now likely to be issued on next Monday/Tuesday provided there is no new hindrance.
(2) COURT CASES IN DELHI HIGH COURT AGAINST REVERSION OF 1966 SDEs:  The arguments on the case could not be there since the Respondent pleaded  that it is yet to receive copy of the modified petition. The Hon’ble Court has now fixed 25.02.2007 as the date of next hearing. In an important development, the Department has submitted before the Court that out of 1966 SDEs, 543 affected SDEs will regain their seniority.

NEWS IN BRIEF (as updated on 11.01.2007)

 (1) ISSUE OF ORDERS BY BSNL ON PROMOTION POLICY: The orders detailing the features of the Promotion Policy and their implementation are likely to be released tomorrow i.e. 12.01.2007.
(2) IMPLEMENTATION OF ALL IDA PAY SCALES UPGRADED BY BSNL AFTER 1.10.2000 WITH EFFECT FROM THE SAME DATE i.e 1.10.2000: The issue did not get the nod of the BSNL Management. A sub-committee, which was constituted subsequently more than one year back, had submitted its report on the issue long back. But the recommendations of the Committee were not being considered on the plea that the Promotion Policy was not yet implemented. Now that the orders on Promotion Policy are under issue, the recommendations of the sub-committee are likely to be examined and considered by the Management. However, there is no hope for the present to get all the upgraded IDA pay scales implemented, even notionally, with effect from 1.10.2000. The affected cadres are mainly from Civil/Electrical/Architectural/Telecom Factory wings and the CSS/Stenographers cadres.
(3) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TO SDEs TELECOM:  Posting orders on promotion are now being finalized and the much awaited promotion order is expected to be released by next week.
(4) PROMOTION ORDERS FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS: The stalemate, as was reported earlier, still continues. There is no change in the status of the issue.
(5) DELHI HIGH COURT CASES AGAINST REVERSION OF 1966 SDEs: The Petitions in Delhi High Court against reversion of 1966 SDEs Telecom are to come up for hearing to-morrow i.e. 12.01.2007.

NEWS IN BRIEF (as updated on 10.01.2007)

(1) PROMOTION  POLICY FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES: The file containing the draft Order on Promotion Policy which was sent by BSNL in October last to DOT for vetting has been received back. The file has been put up to Director (Finance). Orders are likely to be issued in a couple of days

NEWS IN BRIEF (as updated on 06.01.2007)

(1) PROMOTION  POLICY FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES:  DoT  is  yet to  return  the  file containing the draft Order on Promotion Policy which was sent by BSNL in October last for vetting. Though there are lot of expectations for improvements over the initial BSNL Board approved provisions in the Policy of October 2005, as the information goes, ultimately only disappointments are in store. Orders on the subject, as and when issued, will speak for the truth.
(2) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM  TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS: The doubt raised by BSNL on fixation of seniority of the SDEs Telecom  following the clarification given by Supreme Court on one of its earlier judgment on Rule 206 related matter is still to be got cleared. Moreover, the work related to considering additional number of ST candidates is not yet over. Unless these are resolved/finalized, the promotion order is not expected to be released.
3) PROMOTION ORDER FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM ON REGULAR BASIS:  Issue of promotion order is in advanced stage. It is likely to be issued anytime in this month.
4) EMPLOYEES’ INSURANCE SCHEME IN MTNL: MTNL has since revised its Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme for its employees as under                                                                                  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Category   Present        Present  premium        Revised       Revised premium

                 Coverage      per month (in Rs)       coverage      per month with 

                   (in Rs)                                             (in Rs)        5% *DAB (in Rs)

      I           1,20,000               120                     4,00,000               420

     II              60,000                 60                     3,00,000               315

    III              30,000                 30                     2,00,000               210

    IV              15,000                 15                     1,00,000               105

                                                                       *DAB: Double Accident Benefit.

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