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News of year 2006

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DETAILS OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF TESA CHQ OFFICE BEARERS’ MEET HELD AT CHENNAI ON 9th JULY 2006 : The CHQ Office Bearers of TESA had a meeting at Chennai on 09.07.2006 to discuss the steps to be taken to decide the future status of the Organisation and to consider the letters received from AIBSNLEA asking TESA to transfer its movable and immovable assets to it. The detailed proceedings of this meeting, including the decision/action plan is now circulated. [ Please click here for the details.]


Com K Sreekumaran Nair, Assistant General Secretary of TESA(I) and former Organising Secretary (South), AIBSNLEA breathed his last on 21st December, 2006 at Thiruvananthapuram.  He was having a severe cerebral hemorrhage on 19th December, 2006 and was rushed  to the Hospital in a critical condition.  Com Nair  earlier served TESA also on the capacity of Organising Secretary (South).  His sudden demise is certainly a blow to the right thinking members. He had recently been engaged in having an All India Association  of the Retired Executives of  BSNL. We shall carry out his unfulfilled work.  TESA  mourn his untimely death and convey heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family

Just in: (13.12.06 1700 Hrs)

The Delhi High Court, today (13.12.06), while hearing the cases filed by some ITS officers on Group A absorption, has ordered issue of  notice to the petitioners to reply in respect of the OA filed by MTNL Executives' Welfare Association.  The next date of hearing has been fixed on 18th January 2007.

 FLASH (as updated on 12.12.2006)

(1)PROMOTION POLICY FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES:  The orders on the subject is likely to be delayed further, since BSNL Board has to first take a decision in the manner in which the time bound scheme for upgradation of pay scales is to be implemented for those Executive cadres in BSNL whose pay scales were upgraded by BSNL Management after 01.10.2000. These cadres mostly belong to Civil/Electrical/Architect/CSS/Telecom Factory  etc. It may be recalled that sometime past, BSNL constituted a sub-committee headed by Jt DDG(SEA) to examine the demand for giving effect of all such upgraded IDA pay scales uniformly for all these cadres with effect from 1.10.2000 and also to give  recommendations thereof. This Sub-Committee had submitted its Report long back. Now BSNL has to consider these recommendations, take decision and accordingly communicate DoT.
(2) ISSUE OF PROMOTION ORDERS FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS:  The clarification that was received by DoT from Supreme Court in regard to its earlier judgment on the seniority of the TES Group ‘B’ Officers with reference to Allahabad  High Court judgment involving S/Shri P.N.Lal and Brijmohan may have some impact on this matter.  At present BSNL is acting on the basis of the latest seniority lists issued by DoT and the matter is in the advanced stage. But BSNL is now consulting legal experts to ascertain whether the clarification of Supreme Court requires it to revisit these Seniority Lists. In case the legal advice suggests that no further revision of seniority lists is required, BSNL may release the promotion order based on the existing seniority lists by early next month. However if the advice is for revision of the seniority lists, release of promotion orders will be indefinitely delayed. Meanwhile, it is gathered that a few involved persons have already moved to Courts regarding seniority issue.
(3) PROMOTION ORDERS FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM ON REGULAR BASIS:  As reported earlier, the promotion order is expected to be released very shortly. The vacancies for this DPC include the unfilled vacancies of earlier years for SCs/STs. The promotion order may be for around 850-900 JTOs. The vacancies for ST candidates may not be completely filled up since eligible candidates are less in number. However, fresh efforts have been initiated to locate such candidates. The number of OC candidates may be slightly above 470.  

 FLASH (as updated on 10.12.2006)

 (1) PROMOTION POLICY FOR BSNL’S EXECUTIVES:  DoT is yet to vet the draft order on promotion policy and return back the same to BSNL for issue of detailed Orders.
(2) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS: The DPC is stated to have started functioning. If no other hurdle comes, the promotion Orders could be issued by January 2007.
(3) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM:  BSNL may shortly issue promotion order of about 1100-1200 JTOs Telecom to SDEs Telecom on regular basis. Necessary activities to cause issue of the promotion order is almost over.

FLASH (updated on 02.12.2006)

NEWS IN BRIEF: (1) BSNL, MTNL GRAB 62% SHARE OF NET MARKET: BSNL and MTNL jointly enjoy the dominant position among the internet service providers with 62% market share as in June 2006. While BSNL was having 43% of the market share, MTNL on the other hand had 19% market share. Private ISP Siffy has 11.83% market share. The share of VSNL has fallen to a low of 6% followed by Bharti at 5.73%. (2) PRIVATE GSM OPERATORS ACTING AS CARTEL : TRAI has observed that the private GSM Operators are acting as a ‘cartel’ against MTNL and BSNL and also charging higher tariffs from the customers. This observation is important since there had been apprehension from the very beginning of entry of the private telecom operators in telecom business that they would be more concern about their profit margin instead of looking into customers’ benefit. Existence of BSNL and MTNL is therefore to be ensured in the interest of the customers alone. (3) STAY ORDER ON BSNL’S GSM TENDER EXTENDED: Delhi High Court has further extended the stay order on award of contract by BSNL for 45 million lines for GSM network till 14.12.2006. The case was filed by Motorola against the decision of BSNL not to consider it in the tendering process. Unless the issue is resolved, expansion plan of BSNL’s GSM network will get further delayed.

FLASH (updated on 29.11.2006)

  (1)PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS: We had earlier reported that promotion order from SDEs Telecom to DEs Telecom would be further delayed, since DoT simply forwarded the Clarification Order which was passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court on its earlier judgment on the seniority of the TES Group B Officers to BSNL without taking action at its own end. This move of DoT is certainly to avoid its own responsibility to revisit its earlier action in the matter of fixation of seniority of the SDEs Telecom following issue of the clarification. BSNL is now in a fix and seeking for a clear guidance from DoT. This stalemate still continues. (2) PROMOTION POLICY: DoT is yet to vet the draft order on promotion policy which was sent by BSNL more than seven weeks earlier. DoT is still dealing with this issue in a very casual manner.(3) RETIREMENT ORDERS : Normally Personnel Branch of BSNL issues Orders for the retirement of the SDEs/DEs before each month end. But this could not be done in respect of those retiring on 31st October 2006. This is due to a new procedure laid down by the Vigilance Branch to issue vigilance clearance. The matter is being sorted out. It is expected that now onwards, the delay will be avoided. (4) DELHI HIGH COURT CASES ON GROUP ‘A’ ABSORPTION MATTERS : The bench could not sit on 27.11.2006, since one of Judges in the bench was on leave. The cases have now been listed for hearing on 13.12.2006. .

FLASH (updated on 17.11.2006)

 (1) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS :  Following a decision to call for the particulars and assessment of ACRs of additional SC/ST candidates, there is likely to be some more delay in finalizing the list of selected candidates for promotion from SDEs Telecom to DEs Telecom on adhoc basis against 2311 vacancies of DEs. The Circles have now been asked to furnish the required information/documents by 05.12.2006.
(2) FOLLOW UP ACTION BY DoT ON THE RECENT CLARIFICATION OF HON’BLE SUPREME COURT ON ITS EARLIER JUDGMENT IN THE RULE 206 RELATED CASE INVOLVING SENIORITY OF THE TES GROUP ‘B’ OFFICERS:  DoT appears to be still undecided on the matter. It is learnt that DoT has sent a copy of the latest Order of Supreme Court to BSNL with the advice to take appropriate action in accordance with the clarifications given by the Hon’ble Court. It is not clear whether DoT wants to buy time or shift its responsibility to BSNL which is no where in the picture in regard to this case. Unless the issue is resolved quickly, it might have some impact on all promotion related issues for the SDEs Telecom including the present effort to issue promotion order on adhoc basis against the vacancies in the grade of DEs.
(3) REFUND OF SAVINGS PORTION IN THE OLD CGIES:  BSNL has since issued certain guidelines to the Circles in connection with above. Individual claim from the concerned employees will have to be collected in prescribed form and thereafter compiled  SSAs/PAUs-wise again in a prescribed format. The concerned Circle shall also prepare a consolidated statement for refund for the entire Circle and send to the concerned CCA for issue of cheque. The Circles are to submit the claims in prescribed format by 30.11.2006.
(4) STAY ORDER ON BSNL AGAINST PLACING ORDERS FOR SUPPLY OF GSM EQUIPMENTS ETC: Delhi High Court has extended the stay order till 30.11.2006 in a case filed by Motorala Company against its exclusion from the tendering process.

FLASH (updated on 15.11.2006)

 (1) BSNL EXECUTIVES’ PROMOTION POLICY: DoT is taking its own time to vet the draft order on Promotion Policy which has been drafted by BSNL based on the decisions in the meeting of the BSNL Board followed by the presentation made to the Secretary, DoT on 06.10.2006. The attitude of DoT clearly manifests its callousness and total negligence towards the absorbed Executives.
(2) DELHI HIGH COURT CASES ON GROUP ‘A’ ABSORPTION: The cases filed by some ITS Group ‘A’ Officers came up for hearing today. But there was practically no argument on merit. The Court has fixed 27th November 2006 for hearing of the cases.
(3) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TO DEs ON ADHOC BASIS: Personnel Branch of BSNL has made appreciable progress in the case. The Screening Committee of senior Officers may start meeting from next week to finalize the list of selected candidates.
(4) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM: After having sorted out the discrepancies in respect of the vacancy position in the grade of SDEs, action has been initiated by BSNL to hold the DPC for promotion of the eligible JTOs to SDEs on regular basis.

FLASH (updated on 09.11.2006)

 (1) COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION The cases regarding absorption of the Group `A’ Officers in BSNL/MTNL came up for hearing today in Delhi High Court. The Counsel for the petitioners argued before the court. Addl Solicitor General appearing for DoT was not present. The Court has now fixed next hearing on 15.11.2006.
(2) BSNL EXECUTIVES’  PROMOTION POLICY:  DoT is yet to vet the draft Order on promotion policy which is to be issued by BSNL for implementation.
(3) REVIEW OF INCOME TAX EXEMPTIONS:  It is reported that the Finance Ministry may revisit the income tax provisions and there is every likelihood that there could be lesser income tax in the coming year. It is further reported that Income Tax Deptt itself has suggested reintroduction of ‘standard deduction’ for the salaried employees. Decision is likely to be reflected in the next year’s union budget.   

FLASH (updated on 03.11.2006)

(1) PROMOTION POLICY:  DoT has not yet returned the draft order on Promotion Policy which was sent by BSNL for vetting. It seems that DoT is taking its own time on this vital issue. The basic question that has to be answered by both DoT/BSNL that why they have violated the commitment given in the option documents that the Promotion will be given to the Group `B’ Officers on their absorption between four to six years of service -   now that six years of service in BSNL is complete on 1.10.2006.
(2) SHRI Y S BHAVE, SECRETARY, DOT RELINQUISHES CHARGE:  Shri Y S Bhave, Spl Secretary of DoT, who was also the Chairman of the Committee constituted to look into the demands for changes in the Promotion Policy that was approved by BSNL Board in 2005, has since relinquished his charges on 31.10.2006 to join his new assignment. After the transfer of Dr J S Sarma, former Secretary, DoT, this is another administrative change that may have some impact on early finalisation  of Promotion Policy and Group ‘A’ absorption.
(3)  DELHI HIGH COURT CASES ON GROUP ‘A’ ABSORPTION:   The cases came up for hearing today. The Advocate for MTNL EXECUTIVES’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION had made some points before the Court. This Association has pleaded  before the Court that so far as MTNL is concerned, the absorption process of the Group ‘A” Officers is already over and those who have not got absorbed may be repatriated back to DoT. Next date for hearing of this case is now 9th November 2006. [ It was inadvertently mentioned in this website due to typographical error that the cases would be heard on 4.11.2006 instead of 03.11.2006. This is regretted- GS]

FLASH (updated on 30.10.2006)

 (1) PROMOTION POLICY: The draft Order on promotion policy, which was drafted and sent to DoT by BSNL for vetting, is yet to be cleared. We have already reported earlier that the provisions in the promotion policy was being judged on broader spectrum like impact on pension and views of MTNL since the same Promotion Policy was also offered to the Group `B’ Officers for their absorption in MTNL.
(2) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TO DEs ON ADHOC BASIS: BSNL is scrutinizing the inputs and other records supplied by the Circles to facilitate issue of promotion order. Work for preparation of SC/ST roster is simultaneously going on.
(3) FOLLOW UP ACTION ON THE CLARIFICATION GIVEN BY SUPREME COURT ABOUT SENIORITY/ PROMOTION: DoT is examining the clarification issued by Supreme Court in regard to the seniority/promotion in TES Group ‘B’ in the same manner as was followed in case of S/Shri P N Lal and Brij Mohan. DoT may refer the matter to Ministry of Law for obtaining the advice for further action.
(4) COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION: The court cases in Delhi High Court on Group ‘A’ absorption are now listed for hearing on 04.11.2006.

FLASH (updated on 22.10.2006)

 (1) PROMOTION POLICY:  DoT is yet to vet the draft orders on Promotion Policy which was forwarded by BSNL after the presentation that was made on 6th October 2006 before the Secretary, DoT and others. It was already reported in this website that BSNL, in its forwarding note, had clearly mentioned about the financial implication that the proposal would have on the payment of  pension to the Executives. It is reliably learnt that a copy of the BSNL Board approved Promotion Policy has been sent to MTNL also. Response from MTNL is now being awaited. If MTNL takes its own time and comes out with certain changes in the detailed proposals as were worked out by BSNL, orders on Promotion Policy will be further delayed. Finally, DoT may like to submit the entire policy to Minister of Communications & IT for approval. It is likely that the release of Orders on Promotion Policy may take a little longer time than expected.
(2) COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION:  The cases which were listed for hearing on last Thursday i.e. 19.10.2006 in Delhi High Court have been postponed for 30.10.2006.

 FLASH (19.10.2006):

1. Orders issued for enhancement of free calls limit on RSTC and provision of rent free GSM connection to Executives.  Click Here for the order.
(2) DELHI HIGH COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION:  The arguments are continuing on day to day basis from 16.10.06.

FLASH (updated on 17.10.2006)

 (1) WAGE NEGOTIATIONS FOR PSU WORKERS : Union cabinet yesterday (16.10.2006) has authorized the Central Public Sector Enterprises’ Managements to initiate the seventh round of wage negotiations for the benefit of their unionized workmen from January 1, 2007. The validity of the sixth round of wage negotiations is to end on 31 December 2006. Cabinet has further decided that:- (a) next round of negotiations would be valid for ten years, (b) there would be no budgetary support from the Government to meet the additional expenditure and the enterprises would have to manage the burden within their means, (c) the enterprises would have to raise their profitability and productivity to implement the revised wage structure, (d) the enterprises are to ensure that there is no increase in the administered prices of their goods and services after wage negotiations, (e) the wage revision would be with 100 cent dearness allowance neutralization, (f) there should not be any increase in labour cost.
(2) DELHI HIGH COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION:  Rejecting the plea of the Petitioners (ITS Officers) to postpone the arguments in view of the non-availability of their senior counsel, the Delhi High Court had ordered starting of the arguments on the cases. Accordingly, the arguments have started yesterday (16.10.2006) and are to further continue today. 

FLASH (updated on 14.10.2006)

 (1) BSNL’S PROMOTION POLICY:Following the presentation made on 6th October 2006 on the detailed provisions in the Promotion Policy, the Secretary, DoT had given his nod for further processing of the matter and accordingly BSNL has prepared the ‘draft Order’ and sent the same to Secretary, DoT  for his vetting. Once it is vetted, the Orders will be released. BSNL, in its note, has also pointed out the financial impact the policy on its implementation will have on `pension’. It is expected that further movement in the case will be possible after Secretary, DoT returns from abroad. Though the major decisions taken on the Policy by the BSNL Board last year remain unchanged, following would be some important features of the modified policy:-
(a) There will be both time bound upgradation to the next higher IDA pay scales scheme and post based vertical promotions based on relevant Recruitment Rules already framed/to be framed. The first upgradation, under the time bound placement scheme, will be available on completion of 4 to 6 years of service ( Provided one has reached the minimum of the next higher IDA pay scale. This condition does not apply on completion of 6 years of service). Subsequent upgadations upto the IDA Pay Scales of SG JAG  will be available after each 5 years of service.
No weightage  for past services in DOT/DTO/DTS will be available in time bound upgradation scheme.
(c) Designations, duties and responsibilities of the next higher grade will not be available under the time bound scheme.
Attendant condition for time bound upgradation scheme will be having different bench marks for different levels – it will be comparatively liberal at the JTOs/Equivalent level and become gradually stiffer for the higher levels (in the earlier policy decided last year it was uniform at all levels) 
(e) On implementation of this policy all DoT approved schemes like lateral advancement, ACP, Sr SDE/Sr AOs  shall be discontinued.
(f) Second time pay fixation under FR.22.i.a.i has also been proposed on promotion to the same IDA Pay Scales. (It may be recalled that  DoT  has already issued instructions withdrawing this facility from the JTOs/SDEs following Audit objection. Even if BSNL decides otherwise, Audit may again object and this being a FR related issue, DoP&T/Deptt of Expenditure may have the final say.) 
Management Trainee recruitment at STS level to be introduced. The ratio between the Deptl and outside quota will be 50:50. However, out of the 50% outside quota, 25% of the vacancies will be filled up by internal candidates and remaining 25% by the outsiders through competitive examinations.
All vertical promotions will have a little tougher bench marks based on CRs compared to time bound upgradation scheme 
(i) The ratio between the competitive exam quota and seniority quota for promotion from JTOs to SDEs  will be 1/3rd and 2/3rd of the vacancies instead of existing quota of 25% and 75% of the vacancies respectively.
The rationale behind this decision of increasing the competitive quota is not understood when the Management is never able to hold the Examinations on time and a huge number of posts in all examinations always remain unfilled in competitive quota.
The demand for implementation of all the revised IDA Pay Scales uniformly with effect from 1.1.2000 is not agreed to.
Similarly, no decision has been taken on the demand for one time placement in the Sr SDEs grade.
(2) BSNL SLASHES STD RATES:  With effect from 1st November 2006, BSNL will provide STD calls @ Re 1 per minute across the country along with reduced rentals to its customers. BSNL is also enhancing the number of free calls to 50 a month instead of 25 as at present . The PCO pulse duration is also being increased to 60 seconds from the existing 45 seconds for the call rate of Re 1/- per minute. BSNL has also declared a DIVIDEND of Rs 1175 crore for the year 2005-06 and has registered an OPERATING  PROFIT of Rs 8270 crore for the same period.
(3) MTNL INTRODUCES TV SERVICE  THROUGH ITS PHONE LINES:  MTNL is introducing TV services on its phone lines simultaneously along with making /receiving calls and surfing the NET on broadband connection. In Mumbai, the Service is being launched from tomorrow i.e. 14.10.2006. The service will be available in Delhi with effect from next Tuesday i.e. 17.10.2006.

FLASH (10.10.06):

REPLY FROM TESA (I)  IN RESPONSE TO THE ISSUES RAISED BY GS AIBSNLEA IN HIS LETTERS DATED 25-4-06 AND 14-6-06: GS TESA (I) replies to the letters  dated 25-4-06 and 14-6-06 from GS AIBSNLEA explaining the position on issues raised by GS AIBSNLEA, with a view to putting the records straight. Click here for the letter  

FLASH (updated on 08.10.2006)

 (1) BSNL EXECUTIVES’ PROMOTION POLICY:  Chairman, Telecom Commission has since returned back the Policy containing some detailed provisions to BSNL on 06.10.2006 without any addition/deletion after a presentation of the Policy was made to him on the same day by the senior Officers of BSNL. Earlier some news, quoting the DoT Secretary himself, was floated that the presentation would be made only after 17.10.2006. But the presentation was held on 6.10.2006 as previously scheduled. BSNL is now getting ready to issue the detailed instructions after getting the same vetted by DoT.  All efforts are being made to release the Orders in the coming week itself. Since the Orders are expected to be released shortly, it is of no use to make guess works on its contents. But significant improvement over the proposals that BSNL Board approved last year is not there. Further the approach of the Management has been, as is understood, to keep the option open with them to play with the Policy at a later stage  to help a `favoured’ group of all the time. The Policy is likely to be termed as “Group B” promotion policy.
(2) CLARIFICATION BY SUPREME COURT ON ITS EARLIER  JUDGEMENT ON PARA-206 RELATED CASES:  The latest order on the above, issued recently by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in response to the application that was filed by DoT in Civil Appeal No 4339 of 1995 might cause DoT to issue another set of seniority lists. It may happen that the seniority lists with ‘deemed date of promotion’ prepared in accordance with Para-206 and issued in March 2001, which were again withdrawn subsequently, have to be made operational. There is every chance that the seniority of large number of TES Group B Officers may undergo changes. Now it is the DoT, which only wanted the clarification from Supreme Court, is to make the first move and come forward to remove the anxiety caused in the mind of the TES Group ‘B’ Officers.       

FLASH (updated on 04.10.2006)

(1) CASES IN DELHI HIGH COURT ON GROUP ‘A’ ABSORPTION: The cases filed by some ITS Officers regarding Group `A’ absorption were listed for hearing today. However the two-member Bench, which is now reconstituted with a new judge, decided to hear the cases on 16.10.2006.
(2) BSNL EXECUTIVES PROMOTION POLICY: DoT is yet to give its green signal to implement the detailed provisions in the Policy which were earlier approved by the BSNL Board. The target dates as given by Director (HRD) - first as on 31.01.2006 and thereafter as 30.09.2006 to implement the policy – have thus failed. Sources say that negative forces are trying to influence DoT against certain provisions in the Policy, which could have given some benefits to the Executives.
(3) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS: The requisite information, as called for from the Circles, are gradually being received by the concerned Personnel Branch in BSNL Corporate Office. Completion of the whole process facilitating issue of the promotion order will take some more months.
(4) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM : Verification of vacancy position in the cadre of SDEs Telecom for the vacancy year 2005-06 is still continuing. Finally the DPC, as and when held, will be only against a few hundred vacancies.
(5) GRANT OF STAGNATION INCREMENT ON YEAR TO YEAR BASIS: In a new development, some senior Group `A’ Officers since absorbed in BSNL have started putting pressure on BSNL Management for grant of annual stagnation increments. These Officers are now stagnating at the maximum of their IDA pay scales. The issue, which was earlier rejected by BSNL Management Committee, is likely to be reexamined.

     FLASH (updated on 28.09.2006)

1) PROMOTION POLICY:  Detailed provisions in BSNL Executives’ Promotion Policy are yet to be made public. BSNL Management Committee and thereafter the BSNL Board had recently approved the Report of the Bhave Committee which suggested certain changes in the earlier provisions in the Policy which were recommended by the High Level Committee and approved by BSNL Board last year. The Promotion Policy now awaits the clearance by the Chairman, Telecom Commission. This is a new move. It may be recalled that last year, the Personnel Branch of BSNL immediately after approval of the proposals by BSNL Board was about to release the detailed provisions for implementation. It was not sent to Chairman, Telecom Commission. The issue of Orders was withheld following intervention of the then Chairman, Telecom Commission on the request of one Association. But this time BSNL, perhaps, does not want to take a chance and has sent the proposals to Chairman, Telecom Commission. In the whole exercise, an important issue pertaining to the career progression of the Executives is getting delayed and delayed.
(2) GROUP ‘A’ ABSORPTION:  The cases filed by the ITS Group `A’ Officers came up for hearing in Delhi High Court yesterday. But now also, no argument took place. In absence of one of the two judges presiding over the Court, another new judge joined. But he is said to have declined to hear these cases, since as a Supreme Court Lawyer he had earlier been a counsel for a party involved. Next date of hearing of the case has now been fixed for 04th October 2006. We may recall that these cases were to be heard on a day to day basis, but during the last one month no argument has taken place.
(3) BONANZA FOR  GROUP ‘A’ OFFICERS OF DOT WHO DECLINED TO SUBMIT OPTION FOR ABSORPTION IN BSNL:  After the exit of Dr J S Sarma, former Chairman, Telecom Commission, the Group ‘A’ Officers – mostly the ITS and working in BSNL without absorption – are being offered bonanzas after bonanzas. First, the adhoc payment of Rs 2750 per month has been restored back. This was earlier stopped during Dr Sarma’s tenure. Now the Productivity Linked Incentive (PLI), which was stopped during Dr Sarma’s tenure to non-BSNL Employees, has been restored back to them. This time, even the ceiling limit for payment of PLI has been enhanced to benefit mostly the senior Officers. The hike for lower level employees is very marginal.  Though there was no demand from any quarter of the employees for removal of ceiling limit, BSNL Management for the first time in its history was found to be very liberal. The reasons are obvious.
(4) NAVARATNA STATUS FOR SEVEN ADDITIONAL PSUs:  The  proposal for inclusion of seven additional PSUs, including BSNL, in the list of Navaratna Status PSUs are being delayed for consideration as the meeting of  the Apex Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary is being repeatedly postponed. The proposals are pending before the Committee for over last four months. Sources say that the chances of even the BSNL getting the status is very grim since it is reported to be not fulfilling certain new parameters. Unless  there is concerted effort, BSNL may miss the bus.
(5) BSNL TO INVEST  RS 17000 CRORES IN THE CURRENT FINANCIAL YEAR: BSNL has announced its decision to invest Rs 17,000 crores for expansion of its GSM and Broad Band services. It will also invest for providing value added  services. Entire investment will be from its internal resources and no outside borrowing will be required.
(6) BSNL REDUCES CARRYING CHARGES OF LONG DISTANCE CALLS FOR MTNL: BSNL has decided to reduce the carrying charges of  MTNL’s  Long Distance calls through its network. This might help MTNL to come out from the financial trouble that it is facing. But MTNL Management needs to pull up its own socks for retention of its customer base through better marketing policy and also to be very serious about revenue collection.    

20.9.06:PLI for the year 2005-06 will be 1.4 times of the basic pay as on 1st March 2006 subject to a minimum of Rs.10000/- and a maximum of Rs.25000/-. This is payable even to those who have not been absorbed in BSNL. During previous years PLI was paid only to those who were absorbed in BSNL.Click Here for PLI orders.

FLASH (updated on 14.09.2006)

 (1)PROMOTION POLICY:The views of the Management Committee of BSNL on the proposed changes (as suggested by the Committee headed by Shri A S Bhave, Addl Secretary, DoT) in some of the provisions of the Promotion Policy which were approved by BSNL Board more than a year back are yet to percolate down. On receipt of the same, Memo will be prepared for decision and approval of BSNL Board.
(2) ISSUE OF ORDERS ON PRODUCTIVITY LINKED INCENTIVE:The Management Committee has already cleared the proposal. Now the matter is being put up for discussion and decision in the meeting of the BSNL Board scheduled to be held on Monday i.e. 18.09.2006. Orders likely to be issued by the end of coming week.
(3) DOT WITHDRAWS ORDERS ON PAY FIXATION UNDER FR-22.i.(a).i ON VERTICAL PROMOTION TO SDEs FROM LATERAL ADVANCEMENT GARDE OF JTOs AND FROM SR SDEs TO JTS: DoT, vide its Order dated 6.9.2006, has withdrawn the Orders issued in 1994 granting the above benefit. The Orders for withdrawal of benefit comes into effect with “immediate effect” i.e. 06.09.2006. It may be recalled that the above benefit was granted with the approval of DoP&T and Deptt of Expenditure in the face of an agitation launched by TESA when Shri N Vittal, IAS was the Chairman, Telecom Commission. It may also be recalled that the P&T Audit, a few years back, even ordered recovery of the payments already made stating that such benefit cannot be given in view of a Supreme Court verdict (not involving DoT). The matter was taken up by DoT with DoP&T and finally the Audit objection was OVER RULED. Clarification accordingly was sent to all Circles. The change of events now suggests that there could be some missing links in the whole episode.
(4) PROVISION OF GSM CONNECTIONS TO ALL EXECUTIVES:BSNL has decided to provide GSM connections to all its Executives. Restrictions and conditions will apply based on the level of the Executives in the hierarchy. Orders likely to be issued next week.
(5) ENHANCEMENT OF FREE CALLS:  The above Order may also contain enhancement of free calls in service connections. But the increase will be very marginal.
(6) BROAD BAND CONNECTIONS: All JAG level Officers and above may be allowed to get Broad Band connections.
(7) BSNL/MTNL ALLOTTED SPECTRUM FOR TRIAL OF 3G MOBILE SERVICES:  DoT has since allotted low-power spectrum to BSNL, MTNL, Bharti and Hutch to carry out interface check on a non-commercial basis.
(8) BSNL’S GSM CROSSES TWO CRORE MARK:BSNL’s GSM connections have crossed two crore mark. But BSNL is still far behind the private Company leading in this sector.

FLASH (updated on 07.09.2006)

(1)   BSNL ORDERS RESTORATION OF ADHOC  PAYMENT OF RS 2750 PER MONTH TO THE NON-ABSORBED GROUP ‘A’ OFFICERS:  BSNL has issued an Order dated 06.09.2006 restoring adhoc payment of Rs 2750 per month with retrospective effect to the non-absorbed Group ‘A’ Officers of DoT working in BSNL. This seems to be an incentive to those Group ‘A’ Officers who showed their reluctance  to get absorbed  when Orders after Orders were issued asking the Group ‘A’ Officers to submit option either for absorption in BSNL/MTNL or to remain in DoT. [Click for the Orders]
(2) BSNL EXECUTIVES’ PROMOTION POLICY:  The Management Committee of BSNL is understood to have discussed the revised proposals on 6th and 7th September 2006. The proposals, as stated earlier, would be placed before the meeting of the Board of Directors. The revised proposals seem to be not encouraging enough.  The eligibility periods for time bound placements in the next higher scales, pay-fixations methods, weightage for past services, designations etc remain the same as in the old proposals. There may be separate attendant conditions based on marks in CRs for time bound placement and post based promotion. Quota for competitive examination for promotion to the cadre of SDEs and equivalent is likely to be enhanced to 33.33 %.
(3) DA for CG EMPLOYEES ENHANCED: Government has ordered enhancement of DA to the CG Employees by 5% (from 24% to 29%) w e f July 2006.       

 FLASH (updated on 06.09.2006)

(1) PAY REVISION COMMITTEE FOR PSE EMPLOYEES:  In the wake of Oil Executives’ agitation (since deferred yesterday), Mr Murli Deora, Petroleum Minister has stated that the Prime Minister has agreed to set up a pay revision committee for Central Public Enterprises. However, no time limit has been given for setting up the Committee.
(2) MERGER OF 50% DA FOR PSE EMLOYEES:  Minister for Public Sector Enterprises and Heavy Industries, Mr Santosh Mohan Dev has assured the agitating Oil Executives that he would take up the issue of 50% merger of DA with the Cabinet. Earlier, it may be recalled that BSNL had positively responded to the query from Deptt of Public Enterprises about its capacity to pay while MTNL responded in negative. 
(3) PROMOTION  POLICY  FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES: The report of the Committee headed by Mr Y S Bhave, Special Secretary, DoT  has reached  the concerned section in BSNL Corporate Office. Draft Memo for consideration of the proposals in the meeting of the Management  Committee is now under preparation. The same is likely to be put up before the Management Committee very shortly.
(4) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM AGAINST SENIORITY QUOTA:  The proposed DPC may not take place in near future. Vacancies are reported to be in the negative. It is said that excess number of promotions even in absence of vacancies took place in earlier DPCs. Unless the matter is resolved positively, more problems are likely to surface even in case of those already promoted.
(5) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM OF DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS:  The assessment sheets and CRs have reached  BSNL Corporate Office only from five Circles. Others are being reminded.
(6) PROMOTION FROM STS LEVEL TO JAG LEVEL IN CIVIL WING:  BSNL has constituted a Committee for promotion as per 1994 RR of DoT from STS to JAG level in Civil Wing of BSNL.
(7) POST CREATION UNDER MANPOWER PLANNING:  In a new turn on this issue, now danger of losing earlier sanctioned posts looms large. The Management Committee is understood to have asked for the details of the posts justified in all the other areas in addition to the new areas for which the post creation proposal under the Manpower Planning was made. In view of large scale surrendering of land lines etc, the existing sanctioned posts are likely to be reduced. This may adversely affect the opportunities for post based promotions at all level.
(8) PRODUCTIVITY LINKED INCENTIVE FOR BSNL EMPLOYEES:  Management Committee has cleared  the proposal. Now Board Memo will have to be put up for approval of BSNL Board of Directors. Payment Order is likely to be issued within this fortnight.
(9) BSNL /MTNL SIGN SUBMARINE CABLE PACT: MTNL and BSNL have joined hands to lay submarine cable system to connect India to South East Asia and West Asia to provide international bandwidth for their own as well as other commercial requirements.
(10)DELHI HIGH COURT  CASES ON GROUP A ABSORPTION: The cases filed against the absorption process came up for hearing today. However, the ASG submitted before the Court that he was not prepared for these cases since he was preoccupied with some other case in Supreme Court and requested for postponement. The Hon’ble Court thereafter fixed 27th September 2006 for hearing of the cases. There are talks that perhaps the DoT is not serious over the issues and is handling the same very casually. 

 (2.9.06) COM V CHINNAPAPPAIAH, VICE PRESIDENT, TESA(I), RETIRES FROM SERVICE: Comrade V Chinnapappaiah, Vice President, TESA(I) retired from service on 31.08.2006. He was working as Dy General Manager in Chennai Telephones of BSNL. He joined Deptt of Posts & Telegraphs (now Deptt of Telecom) as Engineering Supervisor on 16.02.1967 on completion of one year’s training which started at Telecom Training Centre, Jabalpur (now BRBRAITT). Com Chinnapappaih was one of those flag-bearers of the then Telecom Engineering Supervisors’ Association (India) and thereafter of Telecommunication Engineering Services’ Association (India) whose commitment, dedication, sacrifice, contribution for the causes of the members and protecting their rights and upholding the dignity of the cadres will be ever remembered. TESA(I) , Chennai Telephones under the leadership of Com P Udayasurian, Circle Secretary, arranged a grand and colourful farewell meeting in the evening of 31.08.2006. A mammoth gathering of the members of TESA(I) took place to bid farewell to Com V.Chinnapappaiah. S/Shri Purushothaman, Chief General Manager, Chennai Telephones, G Selvam, General Manager, Chennai Telephones, M Kuppan, former Vice President, TESA(I) and retired Dy General Manager, Chennai Telephones, S Basu, General Secretary, TESA(I), K Rajasekaran, Circle Secretary, TESA(I), Tamilnadu Circle, P Udayasurian, Circle Secretary, TESA(I), Chennai Telephones along with Com V. Chinnapappaiah and Mrs Pappaiah were on the dais. Com Piraviperumal, President, TESA(I), Chennai Telephones presided over the function. Com S Sundaraman, CWC Member, TESA(I) coordinated the entire proceedings. In addition to the dignitaries on the dais, many others remembered the good work done by Com Chinnapappaiah. [Photographs will be displayed in this site shortly].

  FLASH (updated on 02.09.2006):

  (1) ABSORPTION OF GROUP ‘A’ OFFICERS: All the cases filed by the ITS Officers and pending before Delhi High Court came up for hearing yesterday on day to day basis. However, the arguments on the issues raised could not take place, since the Advocates appearing in the cases did not submit the synopsis of the cases. The Court directed all concerned to write the brief synopsis of the cases within four pages and submit the same to the Court. The Hon’ble Court also ordered that the cases will be heard on day to day basis from next wednesday i.e. 06.09.2006. Earlier in an important judgment on 28.08.2006, the Hon’ble Supreme Court had disposed off an SLP filed by one Shri Akhilesh Trivedi, an ITS Officer. The two bench judges ordered. “………….We have heard learned counsel for the parties without prejudice to the rights and contentions of the petitioner and also subject to the decision of the Writ Petition which has been filed by the petitioner before the Delhi High Court, the petitioner is given 15 days further time to exercise his option. In case he does not exercise his option within the aforesaid period of 15 days, the consequences as provided in the circular issued by the Government will follow. With this observations, the Special Leave Petition is finally disposed off. It is made clear that this order is being passed in the Special Leave Petition filed by Akhiliesh Trivedi alone.” We may recollect that earlier the Hon’ble Delhi High Court had disposed of a number of Petitions filed by ITSA and other Group `A’ Officers and practically no relief, as prayed, was given. More importantly, the Hon’ble Delhi High Court even questioned the “intellectual integrity” of ITSA and its members. Now, the above judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and other judgments make us believe that finally the remaining Group `A’ Officers who did not exercise their option shall have to either get absorbed in BSNL/MTNL or go back to DoT.
(2) SIXTH PAY COMMISSION FOR CG EMPLOYEES CONSTITUTED: The Government has announced today, the constitution of sixth Pay Commission for the Central Government Employees which is headed by Shri B N Shrikrishna, retired Supreme Court Judge.

FLASH (updated on 29.08.2006)

(1) PROMOTION  POLICY:  The Report received from DoT is yet to reach the concerned Section in BSNL Corporate Office for further process to place the proposals in the meeting of the Management Committee and thereafter in the Board of Directors’ meeting
(2) PAYMENT OF PERKS TO THE EXECUTIVES: The Orders for payment of Perks are not applicable to those who have not taken absorption in BSNL. The payments on all approved items (except Transport Allowance upto Rs 800 p.m.) are taxable.
(3) PAYMENT OF PRODUCTIVITY LINKED INCENTIVE: The proposal for payment of PLI for the last financial year is to be considered by the Managing Committee in its meeting to be held tomorrow i.e. 30.08.2006. Calculation for the quantum of the amount to be paid is based on the formula which was earlier approved by DoT. The maximum limit for payment is the same as it was in the earlier financial year. The Orders for payment is likely to be issued by the middle of September 2006.
(4) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM:  The dispute in regard to actual vacancy position in the grade of SDEs is not yet resolved pending which the DPC cannot be held. Personnel Branch of DoT is trying to get the matter sorted out. But this may take some more time.
(5) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS:  The assessment sheets and the CRs have so far been received only from a few Circles. Issue of promotion Order, therefore, will take some more months.
(6) PROCEDURES FOR REIMBURSEMENT OF MEDICAL CLAIMS FOR RETIRED EMPLOYEES OF BSNL UNDER BSNLMRS:  BSNL has issued an Order, vide No. BSNL/Admn.I/1(Pt) dated 23.08.2006, detailing the procedure for reimbursement of medical claims for retired employees of BSNL. Click Here for the Order

 FLASH (as updated on 28.08.2006)

BSNL EXECUTIVES’ PROMOTION POLICY:  The three member Committee headed by Shri Y S Bhave, now Special Secretary in DoT, has finally submitted a Report  on the issues like attendant conditions for time-bound periodical upgradation to next higher scales (upto SG JAG scale), recruitment of Management Trainees, weightage for past services rendered in DoT/DTS/DTO prior to 1.10.2000, uniform length of  service of 5 years in each case as eligibility condition for grant of next higher scale, upgradation of IDA pay scales for some cadres w e f 1.10.2000 etc. The Report was received at BSNL Corporate Office about ten days back. Earlier, it may be recalled that BSNL after obtaining the approval of the Members of the BSNL Board was about to release the Policy on 18.10.2005 for implementation. However, release of the order for implementation of the Policy was with held at the last moment due to intervention of Dr J S Sarma, former Chairman, Telecom Commission on the request of SNEA. The Association wanted further improvement in the above contentious issues. The information available with us for the present reveals that the Committee has not interfered with the concept of both time bound upgradation of pay scales and post based promotion as was already considered and approved by BSNL Board. There could be some changes in the CR-based marks as attendant conditions and the quota between the promotee stream and outside (including deptl candidates coming through competitive examination) candidates at the STS level grade. It may now take atleast a month for BSNL to complete all the formalities to bring changes in its earlier decision and thereafter release the all important Order. For this, the revised proposal has to be got approved first in the Management Committee and thereafter in the meeting of the BSNL Board Members.  Thus, all the details about the Promotion Policy could be confirmed by the end of next September or early  October 2006.

FLASH (23.8.06) Perks orders issued. Order copy available here.

FLASH (updated on 17.8.06)

Perks orders are further delayed due to some technical reasons requiring clarifications by the BSNL Board. It is likely to be cleared in the next Board meeting.

 FLASH (updated on 07.08.2006)

(1) PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES:The date for holding the next meeting of BSNL Board in which the minutes of its previous meeting are to be confirmed is yet to be fixed. In this meeting, as and when held, the decision of the Board on Perks for BSNL Executives is to get confirmed paving the way for issue of necessary Orders for payment of perks.
(2) DPC FOR PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM:The DPC is going to be badly delayed on account of the disputes regarding the number of vacancies. DoT is said to have conveyed BSNL that there had been excess promotion in the earlier DPC. The matter may take longer time to be sorted out.
(3) PERSONAL LOAN TO BSNL EMPLOYEES FROM BANK: BSNL has since issued orders intimating extension of the facilities for various loans by Canara Bank upto 30.09.2006 [ Vide BBF/Staff-Loan/2005-06 dated04.08.2006].

FLASH (Updated on 03.08.06)

COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION: Delhi High Court has now fixed 01.09.2006 and onwards for continuous hearing of the cases. Meanwhile all the concerned parties to complete the pending proceedings by this month. No fresh application will be entertained thereafter.

 FLASH (Updated on 01.08.2006)

(1).PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES: BSNL Board, in its meeting held on 31.07.2006, has cleared the proposals for grant of Perks to the BSNL Executives with effect from 1.1.2005. The proposals are the same which were earlier informed through this website. Subsequently, the expected gains for different categories of the Executives were also earlier displayed in this very website in a tabular form (Click Here to go to the table). The same may be referred to get the detailed idea. The minutes of the Board meeting is now being drafted. On its finalisation, the same will be placed in the next Board meeting for confirmation. Thereafter, the Orders will be issued on circulation of the confirmed minutes. The entire process is expected to be over before this month. Let us now hope that BSNL Management gets the green signal from DoT to issue the long awaited Promotion Policy before Shri Y S Bhave, Spl Secretary leaves DoT to join his new assignment.
(2) COURT CASES ON GROUP `A’ ABSORPTION: Delhi High Court is to hear the pending cases on Group `A’ absorption continuously on day to day basis with effect from 03.08.2006 and then give its judgment as per the direction of the Supreme Court in a case that was once filed by DoT following different judgments given by different High Courts. MTNL Executives’ Welfare Association, through its General Secretary Shri S P Singh, is the intervener in these cases. This Association has raised the question that as per the orders/judgments of Delhi High Court, the absorption process of Group `A’ Officers which was initiated in May 2000 along with the Group `B’ Officers, is already over. How this could be reopened by DoT afterwards and said to be an open issue.. The Association has prayed for immediate repatriation of these Officers to DoT. Incidentally, Shri S P Singh is the Circle Secretary of TESA(I), Delhi Circle.

FLASH (updated on 28.07.2006)

 (1) TRANSFER & POSTING OF SHRI Y S BHAVE, SPL.SECRETARY, DOT:Shri Y S Bhave, Spl Secretary in DOT, who happens to be the Chairman of the Committee constituted nine months back to look into certain aspects of the BSNL Board approved “BSNL Executives’ Promotion Policy”, is likely to leave DOT on 31.07.2007 to join his new assignment as Secretary to the Govt of India. Nothing is known for certain whether the Committee would be able to complete its assigned task before 1.8.2006. Shri Bhave, who is one of the representatives of DoT in BSNL Board, may be attending the proposed meeting of BSNL Board in the afternoon of 31.07.2006 for the last time. It is to be seen whether the proposals for the Perks for BSNL Executives, which are slated for presentation in this meeting, will get the much needed approval. Impact of transfers first of Dr J S Sarma, former Chairman DoT and now of Shri Bhave, Spl Secretary, DoT on the above two important issues,  in quick succession, could be known shortly.
TELECOM: The dispute in regard to the actual number of vacancies to be taken into account in the current DPC for promotion is not yet resolved. The issue is under detailed scrutiny. Unless the dispute is resolved, DPC cannot be concluded and issue of promotion orders will be delayed
: In an Order issued on 18.07.2006, BSNL has withdrawn the facilities of tenure Circles from Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Uttranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattishgarh. Henceforth North East Region (Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Sikkim SSA), Andaman & Nicober Islands, Lakshadweep Islands and Jummu & Kashmir will only be the tenure Circles. All the above Circles, except Leh & Srinagar in J&K Circle, will have three years tenure for the staff with service 10 years or less. The staff with service of more than 2 years will have 2 years tenure. Leh and Srinagar in J&K will be having tenure of 1 year for all staff.
(4) UNBUNDLING OF BSNL/MTNL’S CABLE NETWORK: Despite the categorical public statement by Shri Dayanidhi Maran, Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT that BSNL/MTNL’s Cable Network will not be available to the Private Operators for their Broad Band Services, the sub-group constituted earlier by DoT is said to be continuing working out the modalities for unbundling. Perhaps, Hon’ble Minister’s decision is yet to reach the bureaucrats/technocrats in DoT.

FLASH ( updated on 20.7.2006)

(1). PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES:  BSNL Board, in its meeting held on 18.07.2006, could not take decision on the proposals for grant of perks to the BSNL Executives which were earlier approved in the meetings of the BSNL Management Committee. Sources say that doubts were raised on the issue of grant of  “Professional Allowance” to the Executives. It is also said that one Union of the Non-Executive Employees has pointed out that the Non-Executives were not granted this Allowance. It is further learnt that the BSNL Board has finally decided to have a presentation on the entire proposals including the “Professional Allowance”. The concerned Unit of BSNL Corporate Office will make the presentation in the next meeting. 
(2). PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM ON ADHOC BASIS: BSNL Corporate Office is likely to issue, in a day or two,  a letter to all the Circles asking them to carry out  evaluation of the CRs of the eligible SDEs and send the “Assessment sheets” including the CR Dossiers to the concerned Personnel Branch. The total number of vacancies targeted to be filled up remains to be 2311.
(3). TRANSFER OF DEs TELECOM TO HARD TENURE CIRCLES:  BSNL has issued a transfer order of  DEs Telecom to a few hard tenure Circles. A few DEs, though having higher period of stay in the present Circles of posting, however have been transferred to the neighbouring Circles considering their age.
(4) PROMOTION ORDER FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM:  Completion of the ensuing DPC and issue of resultant promotion order may be indefinitely delayed because of disputes in the vacancy position. It is being apprehended that in the last DPC against the seniority quota, the vacancies considered were in excess of the actual number of vacancies. Efforts are continuing to sort out the problem. But the process might take some time.
(5). IDA DEARNESS ALLOWANCE: Government has announced 1.5% hike in the IDA DA effective from July 2006. The current IDA DA rate is 60.4%.
(6). DoT’S FURTHER CLARIFICATION ON PENSION:  DoT, in a letter dated 15.06.2006, has clarified to BSNL as follows:-  (i) The annual pension liability of the Governmnt in respect of the employees of DoT/DTS/DTO who retired prior to 01.10.2000 and those who have worked/are working in BSNL on deemed deputation and for those who are absorbed in BSNL shall not exceed 60% of the annual receipts to Government from the following items:-  (a) Dividend income from MTNL/BSNL,  (b) License Fee from MTNL/BSNL, (c)  Corporate Tax/Excise Duty/Service Tax paid by BSNL. (ii) Any amount exceeding (i) above shall be borne by BSNL. (iii) Pensionary contribution from BSNL would be made to the Government as per FR-116. (iv) Employees recruited directly by BSNL on or after 01.10.2000 shall not be covered under this decision.”    

FLASH (13.07.2006)

 (1) POSTING OF NEW SECRETARY, DoT/CHAIRMAN, TELECOM COMMISSION: Government has ordered posting of Shri D S Mathur as the new Secretary, Deptt of Telecommunications & Chairman, Telecom Commission in place of Dr J S Sarma who has since been transferred to Ministry of Chemicals & Fertiliser as its Secretary. There is strong rumour that the transfer of Dr Sarma is linked with his persistent effort to complete the process of absorption of Group A Officers in BSNL/MTNL.
(2) NO UNBUNDLING OF BSNL/MTNL’S CABLE NETWORK: In a significant development, the Minister of Communications & IT Shri Dayanidhi Maran has announced yesterday (12.07.2006) that there would be no unbundling of BSNL/MTNL’s cable network to help the Private Operators to increase their broadband service base. DoT was earlier working out a policy in consultation with BSNL, MTNL and Association of the Private Operators, following suggestion/advice from TRAI/Prime Minister’s Office, to unbundle the copper cable network of BSNL and MTNL.
(3) PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES: The Memo for consideration of the proposals by BSNL Board, as already approved by BSNL Management Committee, has been sent to the concerned Unit for arranging discussion and decision in the meeting of BSNL Board.
(4) PROMOTION POLICY FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES:  BSNL is said to have not yet received the modified Policy  from DoT. Anxiety is being expressed in some corner about the impact that the sudden transfer of Dr J S Sarma, Secretary, DoT may have on this ongoing process.
(5)PROMOTION FROM JTOs (TELECOM) TO SDEs (TELECOM):The DPC against the seniority quota continues. The process may spill over to August 2006.
(6) PROMOTION FROM SDEs (TELECOM)TO DEs (TELECOM): Firm proposal and action to hold DPC and to issue promotion orders are yet to be finalized. The seniority list of the eligible SDEs (Telecom) - specially that of the 1966 SDEs whose order for reversion by DoT was stayed by Delhi High Court – needs to be straightened before the DPC.
(7)CHQ OFFICE BEARERS MEET OF TESA(I):The CHQ Office bearers of TESA(I) met at Chennai on 09.07.2006 as scheduled. Details of the meet will shortly be available on this website.

FLASH (03.07.2006) :

(1) PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES: Sources close to the Officials connected with the proposals for grant of Perks to the BSNL Executives confirm that the Memo, for consideration of the proposals by the BSNL Management, had proposed payment of Perks with effect from 1.1.2005 itself and NOT from 1.1.2006 as is being believed and said by many. The Management Committee had accepted all these proposals in its first meeting itself and no change in respect of any of the decisions was considered in its next meeting held to confirm the minutes of its earlier meeting. This sounds logical – not only because the Group C & D Employees who were absorbed w e f 1.10.2000, were granted the benefit w e f 1.1.2005, even the Group A Officers, who have been allowed absorption w e f 1.10.2000, shall also have to be granted Perks and the Administration is not likely to neglect the interests of these Officers.
(2) UNBUNDLING OF BSNL/MTNL’S LOCAL NETWORK: DoT is moving fast to implement a separate proposal for unbundling of BSNL/MTNL’s cable network. DoT Secretary has asked the Private Operators’ bodies and BSNL/MTNL to prepare a draft Report on this issue for having a discussion on this Report on 10th July 2006 and thereafter deciding the Policy. It may be recalled that last year, there had been strong protests from all the Unions/Associations against this and many other similar moves aimed at weakening BSNL/MTNL. There had been joint trade union actions also. Finally, DoT had to intervene and give in writing that there was no proposal for unbundling of cable network. Earlier, even the Prime Minister’s Office had to intervene and BSNL was allowed one full year to utilize its cable network for expanding broadband services. But now it appears that Government has made up its mind and is determined to unbundle BSNL/MTNL’s local cable network.

Flash (29.6.06):

 PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES -  LIKELY MONTHLY GAIN: The proposed perks for BSNL Executives, if approved by BSNL Board without further changes, will ensure  additional gain in each month as given below to the Executives at the level of JTOs, SDEs, Sr SDEs and DEs                                                                                                                                                                     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cadre          Professional   Diet        Transport  Allowance   Rural       Addl

                   Allowance     Allowance     A1/A2    Other         Allow-   likely gain                 

                                                                            Cities      places        ance    A1/A2  Other

                                                                                                                        Cities    places                   


JTOs/Equivalents          245              367            +300      +200          200      912        812                           

SDEs/Equivalents         292              437            +300       +200          200     1029       929

Sr SDEs/Equivalents    312              467            +400       +300          200     1179      1079

DEs/Equivalents           332              498            +400       +300          200     1230      1130

  NB: (1) The above figures are just approximation and may vary by a small amount.

  (2) The proposed Disturbance Allowance to be paid in terms of  number of days on

       basic pay and Furnishing Allowance to be paid in terms of percentage of Daily

      Allowance  and also number of days is not included in the above calculations,

      since this is not for all Executives and to be paid only in case of transfers on their

      implementation within 30 days.

(3) The 'Addl. likely gain' does not include Rural Allowance, since this is not meant for the vast majority of the Executives posted  in cities/urban areas.
   The existing amount of Transport Allowance being received in each month is also not included. This will continue to be available. Transport Allowance in excess of Rs 800 per month is taxable.

 (2)   ABOLITION OF POSTS:  BSNL has since ordered abolition of the following  posts created for Strategic Business Plan. The Order is effective w e f 21.06.2006 :                                              


            Grade                             Engg Services    Finance & Accounts  



                         JAG                                    28 (ITS)                  1 (F&AS)     

                         STS                                     77 (ITS)                21 (F&AS)

                         SDEs/AOs                          39 (SDEs)           253 (AOs)

                         JTOs/JAOs                        64 (JTOs)            253 (JAOs)


            However, BSNL Finance wing with the support of their senior Officers has

            already initiated action to restore their Posts.

 (3) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM IN BSNL: The DPC for promotion against the seniority quota (about 1400 vacancies) continues. Orders expected to be issued in July 2006.
(4) REFUND OF DEPOSIT MADE IN THE CGEIS TO SERVING ABSORBED EMPLOYEES IN BSNL:  The issue is being examined by Ministry of Finance. The required inputs including financial implications, as were asked by that Ministry, have already been furnished.

FLASH (24.06.2006)

 (1) PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES: The Management Committee of BSNL is understood to have approved the recommendations of the Perks Committee that was constituted last year and which received the views/comments till January 2006 from various BSNL Executives’/Deputationists’ Associations. The matter has now to be considered by the BSNL Board in its meeting.  If everything goes all right and the Management honestly pursues the matter, the Orders on the subject may be expected either in late July or early August next. The Perks are mostly in those areas which were identified in case of non-Executive Employees. These are said to be mostly in the same line as was reported earlier in this website.
(2) FUNCTIONAL AUTONOMY FOR PSUs:  The Union Cabinet has considered the proposals submitted by Ad-hoc Group of Experts headed by Shri Arjun Sengupta for granting greater functional autonomy to the Public Service Enterprises and decided to refer the same to the Group of Ministers.

    FLASH  (18.06.2006) :  

 (1) DICUSSIONS HELD BY CHAIRMAN, TELECOM COMMISSION ON PROMOTION POLICY:  It appears that there was no significant breakthrough on this much delayed and most important issue in the discussions held by the Chairman, Telecom Commission - first with two Executives’ Associations and thereafter with another Association of a section of the Executives working in BSNL Corporate Office on 16.06.2006. The Promotion Policy continued to be based on (a) time bound upgradation to next higher scales upto JAG Selection Grade scale and (b) post based vertical promotion  subject to availability of vacancies as per the provisions made/to be made in the Recruitment Rules for respective cadres. Reports indicate that on many contentious issues like weightage for past services, attendant conditions etc, the Committee which was constituted by Chairman, Telecom Commission to look into these issues have not still made up their mind. Similarly, a few important issues have again been thrown in the court of BSNL. If these issues are not addressed early, the Promotion Policy is either likely to be delayed further or even if announced it will be a half baked one.
(2) VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT SCHEME: BSNL is actively considering offering a Voluntary Retirement Scheme to its Employees with the intension to further bring down the staff-telephone ratio. The Scheme will not be compulsory. 

FLASH (Updated on 15.06.2006):

1. PROMOTION POLICY Chairman, Telecom Commission is to hold discussions on the Promotion Policy with some Executives’ Associations on 16.06.2006.
(2) PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES:  The Memo for the Management Committee of BSNL was placed in its weekly meeting held  today. However, final  decision will be taken only by the BSNL Board as and when  the issue is placed before it.
(3) ADHOC PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs TELECOM:  BSNL is processing the cases of 16 left outs for adhoc promotion. Fresh DPC for adhoc promotion is being contemplated subject to the approval from DoT.
(4) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM:  DPC for promotion against seniority quota has started. A few more meetings of the DPC shall take place to complete the process. Total number of  JTOs to be promoted against two consecutive vacancy years is about 1400. 
(5) REQUEST TRANSFERS OF SDEs TELECOM:  The request transfers from the existing SDEs Telecom will be considered at the time of issue of promotion orders from JTOs Telecom to SDEs Telecom

NEWS IN BRIEF (05.06.2006)

 (1) MTNL-BSNL ROW:  Managements of both MTNL and BSNL appear to have started a cold war which might ultimately adversely affect the interest of both these state run PSUs.  In this competitive environment where there is a need for greater coordination and close cooperation between these two PSUs to jointly fight with the private operators, it is an irony that the relationship between the Management of both these PSUs has been allowed to be strained.  The present standoff started after BSNL made a claim from MTNL for payment of charges due towards usage of its network. Thereafter, it is only claims and counter claims from both sides, which vitiated the atmosphere. Now MTNL has decided to charge for its landlines, mobiles, broadband services etc being used by BSNL Offices and the Officers at their residences as service connections with effect from 1.10.2000. MTNL had earlier floated a tender inviting offer from Private Operators to carry its long distance calls, which are presently carried by BSNL. Will good sense prevail over the present Management of both these PSUs so that the Organisations and their employees do not have to bear the brunt? 
2) PROMOTION FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs ON ADHOC BASIS : As indicated earlier, BSNL has issued a promotion order of only 399 SDEs Telecom to DEs Telecom on adhoc basis. There are many missing names. The affected SDEs Telecom may send their representations giving the required information to the Personnel-I Branch of BSNL Corporate Office. These cases will be processed and finalized.
3) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TO SDEs TELECOM (Seniority quota): BSNL is woking on the DPCs for promotion from JTOs Telecom to SDEs Telecom against the seniority quota. The DPCs are against the vacancy years 2003-04 and 2004-2005. Total vacancies may be around 1400.
(4) PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM TO SDEs TELECOM (Competitive quota):  BSNL is all set to hold competitive examination for promotion from JTOs Telecom to SDEs Telecom against competitive quota for the vacancy years 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 under a new syllabus since finalised. The unfilled vacancies of earlier vacancy years will also be added with the normal vacancies. Total number of vacancies may go above 3000.
(5) PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES : The issue is expected to be resolved early.  There could be additional gain of Rs 200 per month from what was initially proposed by the Perks-Committee.
(6) PROMOTION POLICY : It is gathered that instead of a comprehensive Policy, BSNL with the consent of DoT may release the time bound part of the proposed Policy which was earlier approved by the BSNL Board.  There could be different marks-based attendant conditions for placement from one grade to another (higher) grade. It is also expected that there could be some changes in the method/percentage of Management Trainee recruitment. But there is no relief so far as weightage for past services is concerned.

FLASH (19.05.2006):  

(1). PROMOTION FROM JTOs TELECOM  TO SDEs TELECOM:  BSNL Corporate  Office has received  the assessment sheets of the eligible JTOs from most of the Circles. It may now ask the Circles to send the CR Dossiers. Number of vacancies for which the DPC to be held is yet to be finalized. These vacancies are expected to be around 1400 to 1500. (2) PROMOTON FROM SDEs TELECOM TO DEs ON ADHOC BASIS: Screening process of the ACRs received continues. The promotion order may finally contain  400-450 names. (3) PROMOTION POLICY: There is no further progress. Matter still rests  with DoT. (4) PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES : The Committee, which was constituted to give its recommendations, is understood to have submitted its Report. Once the recommendations are processed, these are required to be approved first by the BSNL Managing Committee and thereafter by the BSNL Board. The process may take some time. The recommendations are, by and large, the same as were leaked out earlier. Average additional gain, in most of the cases, may be around Rs 700 to Rs 800 per month. (5) DIRECT RECRUITMENT OF JTOs: Results of the Competitive Examination held for direct recruitment of JTOs Telecom has since been issued. Number of successful candidates is 2652 as against the total vacancies of 3000.

(16.5.06): CONGRATS S/Shri Parveen Yaligar, JTO (Mobile) Services in Karnataka Telecom Circle and P V Sugathan, SDE (Computer) in Kannur Telecom District of Kerala Telecom Circle are  the Ati Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Awardees in Category-I and II respectively for the year 2006. Awards to be distributed in New Delhi on World Telecom Day i.e. 17th May 2006. CONGRATULATIONS !

NEWS IN BRIEF (updated on 11.05.2006):

(1) IMPLEMENTATION OF IDA PAY SCALES W.E.F. 1.10.2000 FOR EXECUTIVE STAFF (GROUP-A) ABSORBED IN BSNL:  Orders have since been issued by BSNL, vide its No. 1-5/2006-PAT (BSNL) dated 05.05.2006, for fixation of  pay in IDA scales for those Group A Officers who had  taken absorption  in BSNL. The orders issued by BSNL do not carry detailed instructions unlike the orders issued in case  of absorbed Group-B Officers for their pay fixation. This might create confusions and require addressing to the queries to be raised by the field units.  (2) PROMOTION TO STS POSTS ON ADHOC BASIS: Personnel Branch of BSNL is finalizing the process for issue of an order for promotion of the SDEs/Sr SDEs (Telecom) to DEs on adhoc basis. The order may contain about 450  names. BSNL, meanwhile, has referred the matter of deciding the final seniority of those SC/ST SDEs whose seniority was earlier revised provisionally in terms of 85th amendment of the Constitution. Some of these SDEs, who should be considered for promotion because of  revision of seniority, are not included in this promotion order since their seniority  has not been finalized. SEA Section of BSNL Corporate Office, on the other hand, is working fast to complete the DPC for promotion of Sr AOs/AOs to CAOs on adhoc basis and  release the promotion order. (3) PROMOTION POLICY: DoT is taking its own time to give its fresh clearance to BSNL for circulation and implementation of the Promotion Policy. Though there are claims that there could some significant relief  in regard to many features of the Policy, the senior Officers including a Member of the Committee constituted by Chairman, Telecom Commission  to review certain provisions in the BSNL Board approved policy give no hope.                (4) PERKS FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES Senior Officers of BSNL are tight lipped on the issue following leakage and wide publicity of the Official documents of the “Perks Committee” in an website without any editing and even before the Committee could submit the same. (5) MTNL GRANTED LICENCE TO START ITS OWN NLD SERVICE: DoT has granted licence to MTNL to establish its own NLD network. MTNL has already floated tenders for the same. This will have some impact on BSNL’s revenue. A fresh tariff war for STD calls is also on the cards. (6) IDEA, SPICE & AIRCEL TO ENTER NLD, ILD SERVICES: Idea cellular, Spice Telecom and Aircel are forming an alliance and collectively applying for ILD and NLD licence. The move is to enable these Operators to compete with larger Operators like Bharti and Reliance. (7) DISPUTE BETWEEN BSNL AND MTNL: DoT has advised both BSNL and MTNL to resolve their dispute over carriage charges and payment of dues by this week end. Finally, a settlement is expected on these issues which had strained the relationship between these two PSUs. (8) STAGNATION INCREMENTS ON ANNUAL BASIS:  BSNL is reexamining the issue for grant of stagnation increments on annual basis instead of the existing decision for granting one increment for every two years. The issue is still in its preliminary stage of  examination.   

1. Offerings (IPO) of all unlisted PSEs:
Government is understood to be seriously considering listing all unlisted PSEs (including Navaratna status PSEs) through IPO route by disinvesting 10 per cent in each of these companies. A draft paper in this regard is under preparation for the next five years plan.
2. Profit Margin of BSNL declines: Profit margin of BSNL for the year 2005-06 is likely to come down from Rs.10000 crores in 2004-05 to Rs. 8000 crores in 2005-06
3.Growth of BSNL's network: BSNL is reported to have made 55.6 per cent growth in Direct Exchange Lines during during 2005-06, though it has lost about 35 lakhs fixed connections which finally resulted in net loss of four lakh connections.During the same period BSNL has added about 75 lakh mobile customers.

See the Flash news about the Merger of BSNL & MTNL and the perks and allowances Click Here for details

DoT seems to be not in a hurry to decide on the contentions issues like weightage for past services, minimum marks (Attendant Condition) for grant of Financial upgradation/post based promotions, Lingth qualifing service for first upgradation of IDA scales, Recruitment of management Trainees, grant of revised/upgraded IDA Pay Scales to the concerned cadres wef 01:10:2000. Sources say that it might take atleast a few more months to DoT to take stand on the above issues. It is also said that a strong lobby is working for allowing Faster Promotion to those having Higher qualification.
ADHOC PROMOTION?: DoT has not only allowed BSNL to grant adhoc promotion from absorbed Gr.B Executives, But also authorised BSNL to give similar adhoc promotion to the direct Recruitment JTS officers who are an deputation i.e not yet absorbed in BSNL.There is no answer how DoT Officers can be ordered for promotion by BSNL & that too against the BSNL's posts.
PROMOTION OF ITS OFFICERS: UPSC has since conducted the DPC Promotion of 1985 Batch of ITS Officers to JAG. DoT has also intiated a DPC for Promotion of 1999 Batch of ITS officers to STS on regular basis.
BSNL NOT TO SALE STAKE: It has since been clarified by the Authorities that Govt. is not considering to sale BSNL's Stake for the present.

2.PAYMENT OF TAX BY BSNL: BSNL PAID NEARLY Rs.9000 CRORES IN TAXES TO THE GOVERNMENT WHICH INCLUDES Rs.3000 CRORE SERVICE TAX AND Rs.1100 CORPORATION TAX.                                                                                                          ************